3 ways to keep calm and stay in control

3153f181bb574af8b28d6e0e44e53158Good morning Loves.  I just got back from my four day trip to NYC and I feel great.  I had a crazy busy February and the added stress of having an extremely dramatic family doesn’t help.  I felt like I was about to explode and what better way to blow off some steam than with a trip to good ol’ New York City?!

Realize when life gets to be too much

When life gets a little too much for me to handle I like to get away to NYC.  I completely disconnect from the world (except from BF) and I just do whatever I want whenever I want.  I go to sleep and wake up whenever I want to because I don’t have any obligations, I eat cupcakes for breakfast because it’s OK to do that on vacation and I spend money on things I normally wouldn’t.  I don’t waste money, not by any means, I just don’t feel bad about buying myself something nice.  That’s my life in New York and I love it.

The stress from my company being taken over and the added hours I put into my freelance business had me awake late at night, up early in the morning and left me with very little sleep.  I love sleeping and I love napping so me without any sleep is really not a good look.

Don’t ignore the signs, do something about them

I was feeling restless so a few days to myself was just what the doctor ordered – or at least he would have if I let my emotional (and possibly mental) instability get that far.  Thank goodness I realized I needed a break and that’s exactly what I did – took a break from it all.

Some people may think this makes me selfish, I just think it makes me smart.  I realize the signs when things in my life are getting out of control so before I descend into a complete downward spiral I decided to do something about the situation.  Doesn’t that make me an adult?

Sometimes you need a change of scenery

My friend asked me “But can’t you just disconnect here without going on vacation?”  The answer is probably yes but most likely no.  When I’m home there is always something to do: a room to be cleaned, emails to answer, work to be done, errands to run.  I just can’t deal with any of that right now.  My head is so clouded I’m having a hard time focusing on anything so I just need to step out of the situation – completely out of it.

If you’re self employed you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I feel guilty when I’m at home watching Netflix because there’s always work that can be done.  Even if I don’t have any deadlines that day I always think I should take the chance to get ahead.  Don’t you agree?  That’s why I need to go to a new city to get away, it breaks the routine and forcefully pulls me out of the toxic environment.  I think that’s the best thing I could have done. And every now and then a girl just needs a little me time.

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