5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On but Probably Do


Good morning Loves.  As I continue on with my savings goals in 2015 I’m thinking about all the things I want to spend money on, but don’t.  This got me thinking about all the ways people waste money on items they don’t really need or don’t bring value to their lives but they buy them anyways.  Do you do this?

When I say waste money I am in no way judging people’s spending habits.  I am about to list five things I think people can avoid buying in order to save money but I myself am guilty of spending money on two of them.  I know I shouldn’t, but I do.  Can you guess which two they are?

Blow Outs

I am a huge fan of feeling pretty.  I like spending the day at a spa or half a day at the salon.  Two years ago I discovered The Dry Bar in NYC and I’m hooked.  I know it’s a colossal waste of money to spend $40 on only a blow out (no cut) but I do it anyways.  Once in a while (like once a year) I give myself a little treat and book an appointment to get my hair blown out by a professional.

A Room With a View

This is one upgrade I never pay for.  I don’t like heights so looking out the window is not on my list of things to do.  The concept of a room with a view is completely lost on me.  I much prefer to see a city by exploring it myself on the ground, not look at it through the window.  But that’s just me.  I know a lot of people pay a premium price for a room on a top floor overlooking something spectacular, but I’m not one of those people.

Bottled Water

Ah the concept of bottled water is a total consumer ploy.  I have seen bottled water sold 4 for $1 and I’ve seen it sold $1.79 per bottle.  I’m not talking about flavored water or Vitamin Water, I’m talking about plain old filtered spring water.  Never ever have I seen a commodity with such a variation in price and you know the crazy thing is people actually but it.

I have a reusable portable Brita bottle which allows me to filter tap water from anywhere at any time.  It’s much more eco-friendly than buying new bottles every time you need a drink.  That being said I do buy bottled water when I’m on vacation because it’s just more convenient than bringing my reusable bottle.

Decorative Light Switches

This is completely crazy to me.  I never understood people who buy decorative light switch covers in their favorite sports team, animal shapes or anything else.  It doesn’t add any function to the lights or to the room and it also doesn’t add any value to the home.

In fact I don’t think there is any benefit to paying $20 for a decorative light switch cover for every room in your home.  When you’re ready to sell the new owners probably won’t have the same taste as you do so you won’t even get your money back.

Bank Fees

My total pet peeve in life is bank fees…and I work at a bank.  I understand people have to pay for services but banks make money so many other ways they really don’t need to collect monthly account fees.

Banks make interest on our credit cards, loans and mortgages and they also make money with our investments so why are they charging for basic services such as monthly bank account fees?

Do you ever spend money on something but know you shouldn’t?

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  • I recently watched a Netflix documentary called Plastic Paradise and let me just say, this was one of the most depressing but eye opening films I’ve seen in awhile. It’s INSANE how much plastic each human being uses. A lot of it gets all washed up on land and so many animals are being killed because of our laziness/selfishness.

  • Window view – My husband got a Window view so we could watch the sunset in the middle of winter. It was romantic and if you have even been in a Canadian winter you understand completely why we wanted to be inside to watch the sunset. It was for a work Christmas party. Also did you know most hotels give you free upgrades if you sign up for their membership?

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