Am I a freak because I don’t like change?

coping upGood morning Loves.  Two days ago I listed eight things I learned about myself from moving last month; one of the things I learned was that I don’t hate change as much as I thought I did.  This surprised me more than anyone because usually just the thought of something changing makes me sick to my stomach.

To my surprise (and to the surprise of BF and my mother) I am adjusting quite well to our new living situation.  I’m not exactly sure what’s makes me so adverse to change but something as simple as a last minute meeting being called at work can send me into a frenzy.  It’s always made me feel uncomfortable because other people around me seem to go with the flow and I can’t do that.  If you’ve ever met me in person or seen me at a conference you know this is true.  My entire trip is planned before I even begin to pack my suitcase.

After I wrote Monday’s post I received an email from a reader (let’s call her Sam) who told me she’s been trying to adapt well to change her entire life.  It turns out that a lot of people out there don’t like change just as much as me, but why?  Is it because we are set in our ways? Or maybe it’s because we like things the way they are.

This is how I’m adapting to all the changes in my life:

Make a list.  I am famous for my lists.  I have an agenda at home and at the office as well as countless other notebooks where I write down everything in my life.  From potential shopping lists for my next vacation to all the things I need to do tomorrow – I always make a list.

Realize I can’t do everything in one day.  This is probably the biggest challenge I have with change.  When change happens I just want it all to be done so I can get settled into my new routine, but it takes time for me to be comfortable.  I can’t unpack all my boxes in one day just like I can’t learn an entire new system at work in one day either.

Try to keep as much similarity as I can.  Let’s take my move as an example.  Even though I take a new route to walk to work in the morning I make sure to always stop at the same coffee shop to buy my morning breakfast bagel.  It’s a different location but knowing that I have a similarity in my morning routine despite all the recent changes makes me feel as if everything didn’t change.

Keep a common factor in all of my days.  This is going to sound completely weird but I am extremely uncomfortable in new situations and surroundings.  I feel awkward and usually avoid them at all costs.  Whenever I have to go to an unfamiliar setting – like my Dad’s cousins wedding – I bring my own drinks.  I like iced tea and bringing my own is kind of like my security blanket.  Even though I’m still uncomfortable and extremely awkward it gives me a sense of calm in an extremely panicked atmosphere.

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  • Absolutely not! I think a lot of us struggle with change, and if those methods are helping you with that change, then keep them up! I try ti remind myself that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, but it is hard to step outside of it sometimes. You are doing well 🙂 Keep it up!

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