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7 things I learned from moving

MOVINGGood morning Loves.   Yes that really is a picture of our new apartment.  It’s been exactly a month since BF and I moved into our new apartment and for some reason I still don’t feel 100% comfortable in our new place.  How long should it take before the new place feels like ours?   Every morning I get up and walk my new route to work.  Every night I come home and enjoy our new space, but for some reason it still doesn’t seem real.  I think it’s because we lived on so little for so long that this big new modern apartment just seems so good to be true.

Moving was definitely an experience for me – in a good way.  The last time we moved was six years ago and it was a complete nightmare.  Two of the movers got into a fight in the middle of the day and one of them left, then they held our TV hostage until we paid the bill in full.  Total Nightmare.

This time our move was very smooth (sorry for the rhyming)  and it was more of a personal growth experience than anything else.  Does that sound weird?  Yes even though I’m 34 years old I learned a lot about myself over the last 30 days.

I’m a mini hoarder.  We have a lot of stuff.  For two people who lived in under 600 sq ft we have A LOT of stuff.  I went back to U-Haul twice to buy more boxes because we kept running out.

I’m in a good relationship.  Stressful times really test your relationship and packing up your entire life into boxes is stressful.  There’s a lot of logistics that go into moving and trying to coordinate everything can be very stressful.  BF and I got through it as a team and that’s a good feeling.

I’m kind of lazy.  When I tell you that I didn’t want to do anything during this move it’s true.  BF kept trying to motivate me to work but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I even wanted to hire people to pack our boxes, but he convinced me that would be a waste of money.

We can live with just the essentials.  I donated and threw out a lot of stuff.  We’re talking bags of clothes and boxes of things I haven’t seen or used in years.  Why I ever had so many things is beyond me but my rule for moving was if I didn’t use it in the last six months then I don’t need it.

I don’t hate change as much as I thought I did.  I like having a routine, it’s comforting and it keeps me calm.  Moving into a new apartment in a neighborhood we’ve never lived in and barely ever visited was giving me panic attacks.  However now that we’re here my anxiety has calmed down and I’m actually starting to sleep better at night – without pills.

I’m not 22 anymore.  We started moving at 10 am, we finished by 5 pm and I was exhausted…and we had movers!  It’s not like BF and I actually did much work other than watch the moving truck to make sure nothing got stolen and directing the movers where to put boxes in the new place, yet I was very tired.  I think I passed out cold by 9 pm.   When I was 22 I had two jobs and went out with friends four days a week, now I can’t even stay awake until 9 pm – YIKES!

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  • Great posting. I think a lot of people suffer from affluenza. Its like once you have your basic material needs taken care of then you lose your motivation to get things done.

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