4 Ways to Help Your Hair Hold Curls 

If you have naturally straight or fine hair, you might struggle find that your hair never holds up well when styled with a curling iron or other hot tool. Whether you’re planning a special hairstyle for an upcoming event or need your everyday style to last through a day of attending long range shooting schools, it can be frustrating to find your hair constantly falling out of place. If you’re tired of your curls falling flat, here are a few simple but effective tips for helping your hair hold curls. 

Cool Curls in Place 

Allowing your hair to cool in the shape of a curl after heat styling can help your style last as long as possible. After curling each piece of hair on a curling iron or wand, scrunching curls in your hand until they are cooled should work. You can also pin hot curls in place with a bobby pin or hair clip and keep them pinned for 20-30 minutes. For extra old, blast curls with the cool setting on your hairdryer for a few minutes once they are pinned in place. 


Avoid Brushing 

Brushing or combing out recently curled hair can help you get a perfectly beachy, wavy hairstyle – however, brushing out your curls prematurely can also reduce the amount of time that the curls can stay in your hair. Keeping your curls tight after using a hot tool and allowing them to fall naturally over time or throughout the day will keep them from falling out too early and will give you the best results for your curly style throughout the day. 


Use Dry Shampoo Before Styling
While dry shampoo is typically only used on dirty hair to add volume and freshen up your style, it can also be used to add texture to clean hair. Adding a bit of texture to clean, straight hair can give your curls something to grip when styling your hair, helping your curls to last longer. This can be even more effective than using hairspray after styling your hair. 


Use Hairspray Before, During, and After

If you find that your hair does not hold curls from using hairspray after styling, try using it during the different stages of styling instead. Spraying hairspray before styling can give your hair a little extra grip (similar to a texturizing spray), and spraying your hair throughout the process of curling can help to ensure that each piece of hair is effectively covered in product in order to help your curls last. 

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