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5 Cheap Ways to Decorate for Spring

With spring right around the corner, you may find yourself craving a household refresh. Fortunately, you can make your household feel more like spring without breaking the bank. Try these budget-friendly options to decorate for spring.


1) Switch Out Pillows

Switching out throw pillows is a very cheap, but easy way to make a household feel more like spring.

Exchanging your regular throw pillows for ones that are lighter and more colorful can drastically change the feel of any room. You can purchase new throw pillows for cheap from Target or Marshalls. Or, even better, just purchase the pillow cases to go over the pillows you already own. Not only is this often cheaper, but you can easily change the look of your pillows each season. Need some inspiration? Check out these affordable pillow cases on Amazon.


2) Add Some Indoor Plants

Have a dark, drab corner in your home? Add a houseplant to immediately brighten up space.

Depending on the size and variety of the houseplant, the cost is anywhere from $10 to $100 per plant. Pick plants appropriate for space – if you don’t have windows in a specific room, you’ll need a low-light plant. To enhance the spring-like feeling, add plants like peace lilies and violets which will flower during this time of year.

Home Depot or Lowes are great places to find houseplants for cheap. If you’re not great at maintaining plants, you can purchase affordable faux-plants at Ikea for a few bucks.


3) Light a Candle

While decor is one way to prep a home for spring, it’s not the only way. Candles are an excellent way to bring your favorite spring-time scent into your home. Plus, they’re affordable and calming!

Scents like fresh linen, floral, and fruity smells can make your home fit for the season. You can find a huge assortment of candles at discount home stores, usually for an incredibly affordable price.


4) Put Out a Fruit Bowl

Nothing screams “spring” like citrus fruit. The bright colors immediately brighten up a room.

Seriously! Putting out a bowl of lemons, oranges, and apples can easily make your home feel more spring-like. And if you use the fruit for snacks or cooking, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. How’s that for easy?


5) Clean Your Home

They call it spring cleaning for a reason. With spring around the corner, now is a great time to deep clean your home to give it an overall refresh.

Take a solid weekend to freshen up your home. Vacuum under the couch cushions, wash the windows, and throw the curtains in the washing machine. Cleaning makes a huge difference, and best of all, it’s very cheap if you do it yourself.

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