5 Steps to Starting a Bath Bomb Business

Bath bombs are all the rage! People love the sense of self-indulgence that comes with luxurious bath products, and many small businesses have sprung up in the niche because of it.

This leads aspiring entrepreneurs to wonder what starting a bath bomb business takes. If you’re considering diving into the world of bath and body products, here are five steps for getting started.

Bath Bomb Business

1. Before Starting a Bath Bomb Business, Test Your Product

You can’t start a bath bomb business if you don’t have bath bombs to sell. But you don’t want just to make a batch and immediately begin taking orders. Instead, you need to test them first.

Aside from ensuring they are safe, you also need to answer a few key questions. How long does the scent last? Is the experience enjoyable?

Once you know what potential customers would think of your product, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Obtain All of the Proper Licenses

If you’re starting a bath bomb business, you’ll likely need a business license. Additionally, your city or state may require additional licenses for products in the bath and body space.

You’ll also need to contact the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to determine if your bath bombs are considered cosmetic products. If so, additional regulations may apply that affect your licensing needs.

3. Design Eye-Catching Packaging and Names

Typically, a customer’s first experience with your product will be the packaging. You want it to reflect your brand and be visually attractive. You also need to make sure that any required ingredients information is properly listed.

Each bath bomb in your line also needs an attention-grabbing name. It can relate directly to the scent or be a playful take on the experience.

4. Choose Appropriate Sales Channels

Starting a bath bomb business means you’ll need a sales channel. For example, do you want to start your own website? Would you prefer to use an online marketplace that already exists, like Etsy? Are there area stores that could carry your product? What about social media pages?

Your sales channels serve as a backbone for your business, so you want to select them with care. Don’t be afraid to try out a few so you can determine which options are most successful.

5. Make Your Bath Bombs Available to the Masses

Once you finish the above steps, you should be ready to start selling. Make sure your websites, social media pages, or online storefronts are live, and that any physical stores have their inventory.

Then, use social media to start advertising. You can also invest in ads on Google AdWords or similar options to get the word out.

Even if you have great bath bombs, it can take time for your business to get off the ground. Make sure you are diligent about advertising and give each customer a stellar experience. As word spreads about your product, things can take off quickly, so be prepared to keep up with inventory if you get a surprising level of demand.

Have you ever started a home-based business? Tell us in the comments below!

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