7 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Alone


Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re like me you don’t live near your family and therefore you aren’t travelling home for the long weekend.  Many of us celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and we’re continuing to get into the holiday spirit over the weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I am one of those people, even though I’m alone.  Just because you’re not with family doesn’t mean you can celebrate Thanksgiving.

No one says you need family to enjoy the holidays so I say you start your own traditions because that’s what I did.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving if you can’t be with your family:

Catch up on your favorite TV shows

I LOVE spending free days warm in bed under the covers.  I really enjoy binge watching old TV shows on Netflix such as Gilmore Girls because they are commercial free.  Not only does it save time, but I don’t have to channel surf to avoid the commercials.  If you don’t have Netflix pop in a DVD and have a movie marathon or log on to the channel’s website to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite shows.

Make a meal for one – or two

Even though I was alone with BF for Thanksgiving there was no shortage of food.  We still cooked  a big dinner with all the fixings such as mashed potatoes, creamed corn, gravy and hot dinner rolls.  We’ll be eating leftovers for the next few days and that’s just the way I like it.  The only think I can’t make is stuffing, so that will have to wait until the next time I see my mom.

Go for a walk

Sunny, warm-ish weather is not always a given on Thanksgiving so take advantage of the fall weather over the next few days before the snow starts to fall.  Fresh air can do wonders for the mind and soul.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood or through the woods if you live nearby – just make sure to get home before dark.

Volunteer for those in need

You’re not alone if you’re without family on Thanksgiving, a lot of people are.  Unfortunately some of those people aren’t as fortunate as we are.  If you’re in the mood to do good during the holidays then volunteer at your local soup kitchen, women’s shelter or homeless shelter to help those in need.

Go on a road trip

A couple extra days off work is the perfect reason to take a long weekend road trip.  Just make sure to avoid large tourist cities if you don’t like crowds.   I was in NYC from Saturday until Wednesday and although I missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’m glad I got out before the crowds started to pour in.

Make a list for your Black Friday shopping

What’s better than waking up today to major discounts at your favorite stores?  Nothing I can think of.  I made my Black Friday shopping list last night, complete with a spending limit so when I woke up this morning I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  BF and I are heading out to Best Buy and IKEA very soon.

Read a good book

I will probably read two books from now until the end of the year.  The holidays put me into relaxing mode and I like to get into a good book.  Last year I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and cried my eyes out.  Right now I’m reading Girl on the Train; I’m 30 pages in and so far not impressed.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

How are you spending Thanksgiving weekend?

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  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all-time favorite books. I spent the past week preparing for yesterday’s festivities and no face an afternoon of cleaning up. Spending the holiday quietly alone doesn’t sound so bad right now. Thanks for the suggestions.

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