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Ways to Save on Your Cyber Monday Shopping


Historically Black Friday has been the biggest shopping day during this time of the year, but in recent years Cyber Monday has joined the ranks for savvy shoppers around the country.  I personally LOVE shopping on Cyber Monday because I don’t have to wake up at midnight to wait in line at my favorite stores and I don’t have to battle it out with thousands of other deal seekers – I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home.

Admittedly the deals on Cyber Monday aren’t as extreme as the door busters on Black Friday, but the savings are better than shopping on any other regular day of the year.  So if you need something and didn’t have the courage to go out to stores on Black Friday today may just be your lucky day.

Here are five ways to save even more money while shopping on Cyber Monday:

Join a mailing list and check your inbox

If you aren’t signed up for your favorite store’s mailing list you should do so.  Emailing marketing is a great way for brands to get promotions in front of customers so they want as many subscribers as possible.  The good news is stores are willing to pay for it.  Many brands offer discounts on your purchase just for signing up for their mailing list.  I saved $5 on my Bottle Breacher order because I signed up to get their emails.

Brands also send exclusive online deals to everyone on their email list so join today and check your inbox for savings.

Look around the website for deal codes

Very often when you get onto a website the brand wants to keep you there so they entice you to shop with discount pop ups.  My advice is don’t be so quick to click out of pop ups.  Yes they can be annoying and interrupt your shopping experience, but they can also offer deal codes for your online purchase.

Stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works do this very often so look around before checking out.

Review your shopping cart before checkout

If you’re like me you add every single good deal to your shopping cart whether you need the item or not.  I like to do that so I don’t miss out on a good deal.  However even sale items can quickly add up to a big grand total.

Before checking out review your shopping cart and remove any items you don’t really want or need.  Don’t buy things just because they are on sale.  At the end of the day a discounted item is still a waste of money if you don’t use it.

Get cash back with Ebates

I am a huge fan of shopping on Ebates.  It’s a website that offers cash back when shopping at your favorite stores online.  Go to and look to see if your favorite store is listed, they have websites such as Amazon, Priceline and Kohl’s.  There’s no fee to sign up and earning cash back on top of Cyber Monday deals is a great way to take advantage of online sales.

Remember to keep your credit card safe while shopping today.  Only give your credit card information to trusted sites that are well known.  Otherwise use PayPal if it’s a payment option.

Happy shopping!

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