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8 Affordable Ways to Make Your Apartment Cozy

An apartment may only have a year-long lease, but it is your home for the foreseeable future. When you land your first apartment, hand-me-downs and cheap furniture may seem like an affordable option to fill your space, however, it can be challenging to make it really feel like a home.

Fortunately, you can make an apartment feel like a true home, even with a small budget. Whether you add lights, furniture, or decor you truly love, your apartment should be a reflection of you! Here are 8 affordable ways to make your apartment more cozy.

1. Grow Plants

No green thumb? No problem! Plants are a super easy and affordable way to make an apartment feel more homey.

Local greenhouses and hardware stores sell a variety of plants, anywhere from $5 to $100, making it an affordable way to fill your space. Plus, the wide variety of plants means you can find anything for your lifestyle and decor preference – from cacti to orchids, you can find a plant to complement your space.

2. Add a Rug

Rugs are a great way to break up a carpeted or hardwood floor. You can add color and texture for a very minimal cost.

While there is a wide variety of costs for rugs, sites such as rugs.com make stylish, high-quality rugs for an affordable price.

3. Buy Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to add comfort, color, and texture to spaces.

Even if you don’t love your couch, you can drastically change the look of the couch with the right pillows. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost of new furniture!

4. Be a Minimalist

Clutter doesn’t make for a happy home. By simply decluttering, you can make your apartment feel more homey. As an additional plus, decluttering is totally free! In fact, if you sell the things you no longer need, you can even earn a few bucks.

5. Add Curtains

Most apartments come with mini blinds for the windows, but that often adds to the drab feel of an apartment.

By spending a few dollars to add curtains, you can add more visual interest to your walls. Such a simple move can go a long way in elevating your space.

6. Keep it Clean

A thorough cleaning of an apartment can go a long way in making it feel more homey!

Apartments are often tight on space, so any areas left unclean stick out like a sore thumb. By simply keeping an apartment clean, you’ll feel more comfortable and at home in the space.

7. Have a Dedicated Style

Do you know your home decor style?

When you start to decorate your apartment, it may be tempting to purchase every little thing you like. In doing so, you may be left with an incohesive apartment style.

Take the time to figure out what your decor style really is, and decorate according to that. That way, you feel at home every time you walk in the door because your home is a true representation of you.

8. Adjust the Lighting

Some affordable apartments have terrible fluorescent lighting. One easy fix? Change the light bulbs.

You can purchase warm-toned light bulbs or decorative lamps for just a few bucks. And they make a world of a difference to change the mood of your apartment.

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