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Beauty Gadgets 101: Dangers And Safety Measures Of Electronic Beauty Devices

Being beautiful is one of the essential needs of women. Several beauty gadgets are available in the market to make women’s lives easier.

Many devices are directly connected to the electric circuit and electric current, which is associated with risks and dangers. Every equipment circuit has a set of resistors and Canadian Shunts to control the current flow in the electronic circuitry and prevent accidents.

Moreover, other than risks associated with electricity, it is also crucial that women are aware of the other critical dangers that can happen when using these beauty gadgets and know the safe approaches and methods;

  • Keratin Straighteners

Salons are offering the keratin hair treatments that are often promoted as formaldehyde-free. Long-Term exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer. You can consider the option of using a hair conditioner and flat iron. Conditioner can help fight the frizz by neutralizing the impact of static electricity. Flat ironing the hair can straighten the kinks safely.

  • Trendy eye contact lenses

A lot of colored and patterned contact lenses are available in the market. These contacts do not necessarily help correct your vision but more of changing your looks and style. It is highly dangerous to use lenses that have no prescription. These contacts are available at salons and costume shops. Contact lenses require proper fitting, cleaning, and maintenance. It can cause injuries and infections to your eyes.

If you want your eyes to be trendy, ask an eye care professional about colored contact lenses. They will conduct a medical assessment and prescribe you the suitable specifications of contact lenses. 

  • Serum-based eyelashes

Latisse is a prescription drug. It can temporarily provide you with long-flirty eyelashes. Smear the serum on the upper lash line every day, and after four months, you get the results. The serum can cause darkening of your skin around your eyes.

One best option to make your eyelashes beautiful is the use of eyelash extensions. False eyelashes can give you a long-lashed look without smearing of prescription drugs. Although it may not still be risk-free because the adhesives can cause eye irritation and allergic reaction, be careful of too much use of eyelash extensions because there are several cases that cause eye injuries and blindness.

  • Hydroquinone for skin lightening

Hydroquinone is only available by prescription. But for less potent, it can easily be available as over the counter drug. Typically, dermatologists recommend it to reduce age spots. However, the overuse of hydroquinone can cause skin discoloration. 

A safe option to lighten your skin is the use of Laser Skin Resurfacing, which can remove top layer skin. Dermatologists administer the procedure and will minimize age spots without the long-term use of chemical-based lightener, although you will feel a bit of pain and cost more money.

  • Tanning Beds

The frequent use of tanning beds will raise your risk to melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Hence, tanning beds emit UVA rays that contribute to premature aging.

Meanwhile, the market offers a much safe tanning technique – the sunless tanning products. The sunless tanning lotion that contains DHA has a color additive that reacts to amino acids in your skin surface and creates a temporary tan.  

  • Phthalates

They are chemicals found in toys, food packaging, and some beauty products, including shampoo, nail polish, and soap. Exposure of Phthalates during pregnancy can lead to abnormal development of infants, which includes low hormone levels and small genital size. 

You should buy products that are Phthalate-free cosmetics and skincare products. You may ask the professionals for a prescription.

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