Black Friday strikes again! (Are you ready?)

Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009You may already know how I personally feel about Black Friday, but I know that lots of people are looking forward to it, and this year, for once, I kind of can’t blame them.

Maybe it’s because several members of my family are getting together as a group to go out shopping after Thanksgiving dinner, or because some friends with new babies are oohing and ahhing over all the toys and other goodies they can get at bargain prices in one stop, but the bargain hunter in me is getting a little pulled into it. (It doesn’t hurt that one of the items on The Hubby’s wish list happens to be on deep discount at a local retailer.) 🙂

Traditional retailers, like always, are offering some great deals…check out the Best Buy Black Friday ad for an example. (Hint, hint, Hubby: I see a few things I’d like on there!) Even online retailers, no longer content to wait till Cyber Monday, are getting in on the action…check out Amazon.com’s Black Friday Deals Week to see what I mean.

I guess the question still on my mind is: How do you make the most of what can be a crazy and stressful shopping experience?






BlackFriday.com is a great place to find all the deals in one place, and GottaDeal.com promises you the latest up to date deals and “leaked” Black Friday ads. But how do you make your master list of stores you have to hit up, and how to decide the order? The big ticket items are going to go first, so how do you shape your strategy? Have you ever scored any great deals (or had any horrible horror stories)?

Lots of questions from me, I know! But when I get curious about something, I like to learn everything I can about it, and since everyone I know who’s going this year is a newbie, I’d love to pick your brains. So…

What are your best Black Friday tips? How do you make sure you score the best deals?





photo credit: Steve Rhodes

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