Auto Accessories that Add Value to your Car

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Even if you’re someone who likes having options, the array of choices you’re presented with while purchasing a new car can get truly overwhelming! Only a few years ago, options were fairly limited to cruise control, air conditioning, automatic transmission, and a basic stereo system. You might be able to choose a colour for your car and a rear-window defogger for when the temperature drops.

Yet today, you’ll be confronted not only with these standard options but also high-tech accessories from back up cameras to DVD entertainment systems and satellite radio. On top of these, there’s a wealth of aftermarket accessories to choose from as well. How can you tell which accessories are worth the price, and which could actually drag down the value of your car?

Add-Ons that Enhance your Car

In one sense, personalizing your car with accessories can be seen as similar to improving real estate. While some modifications will make it more attractive to future buyers, other may actually serve as a deterrent. As you compare add-ons and aftermarket accessories, keep this in mind. Which accessories will appeal not only to you, but also to the largest number of potential buyers in the future? It’s important to choose accessories that fit your class of car.

For example, if you’re looking at Land Rover offers, it makes sense to choose upgrades like a sunroof or heated seats that would fit the style of car. On the other hand, these might seem out of place on a Ford Fiesta.

Today’s consumers expect for their cars to come equipped with all of the latest electronics. There’s a danger that these will become swiftly outdated, but if you plan to sell your car over the next two years, it may be a good investment. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and satellite radio are all attractive features that could improve your car’s value while making it more fun to drive for you. Further features that tend to increase a car’s value include DVD systems, alloy rims or wheels, sunroofs, and keyless entry.  Leather seats are also a good way to give your car an instant upgrade, as leather interiors are associated with luxury in the mind of buyers.

Add-Ons that May Not be Worth the Price

While the accessories mentioned above can improve your car’s value, there are also a number of features which may not be worth your money. Overly modified cars can be harder to sell, attracting a smaller group of buyers. Overpowered stereos with massive bass speakers are an example of this, as are aftermarket turbochargers. These types of accessories can be off-putting to buyers or indicate that your car was driven too hard. Lowering the car’s suspension can void your manufacturer’s warranty, and window-tinting can be illegal. Although leather interiors tend to add value, if you choose a bright colour or poor quality material this can go the opposite way.

Finally, when you choose a paint colour for your car, you’ll want to choose a normal shade that will be easier to resell. Non-factory colours can limit appeal and cause problems with finishing during future repairs.

Naturally, as you compare accessories and upgrades for your vehicle, you’ll also want to choose those which will enhance your own driving experience. Yet it’s important to keep your car’s resale value in mind before you splash out on upgrades that may decrease its value over time.

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