13 Signs That Scream “Your Neighbor Is a Practicing Witch”

Your neighbor’s low-key vibe might actually be conjuring spells when no one’s looking.  Unsure? Here are 13 unmistakable signs your neighbor is practicing witchcraft.

The Presence of an Altar

An altar is a personal and sacred space where witches perform rituals, offer blessings, and meditate. If you’ve glimpsed a special corner in their home with candles, statues, natural elements, and personal totems, this might be their altar — a central part of their spiritual practice.

Sensitivity to Energy and Vibes

Witches are often highly attuned to the energies around them. Your neighbor might comment on the “vibe” of a place or person, picking up on subtleties that others might miss. 

This sensitivity extends to their home, which might feel particularly peaceful or charged, reflecting their ability to cleanse and protect their space energetically.

A Fondness for Divination Tools

Tarot cards, runes, pendulums, and scrying mirrors might be part of your neighbor’s toolkit. These aren’t just for show; they serve as conduits for intuition, helping witches tap into their subconscious and the broader energies of the universe to seek guidance or predict future possibilities.

Celebrations of the Esoteric

Witches observe Sabbats and Esbats, which are festivals marking the Wheel of the Year and lunar cycles, respectively. 

If your neighbor throws a seemingly themed party around times like Samhain (Halloween) or Beltane (May Day), these might not just be festive gatherings but spiritual celebrations deeply rooted in pagan traditions.

A Library of the Occult

Books on witchcraft, mythology, herbalism, and the occult are likely staples in their home library. These texts are not only for study but are part of a continuous journey of learning and deepening their craft.

A Tendency Toward Moonlit Activities

The moon holds significant power in witchcraft, governing energies and magical workings. If your neighbor seems particularly active on full moon nights, perhaps engaging in rituals, planting by the moon’s phases, or simply moon-gazing, this lunar connection is a quintessential aspect of their practice.

The Use of Incantations or Chants

Overheard whispers, chants, or incantations can be part of spellwork or daily affirmations. These spoken words are powerful tools for manifestation and are integral to many witches’ practices.

An Unusual Connection with Nature

Witches often share a profound bond with the natural world, seeing it as a source of energy and inspiration. Notice if your neighbor spends ample time tending to their garden, not just in a hobbyist’s capacity but with a reverential, almost ritualistic dedication. 


They might also be seen embracing the full moon’s glow or quietly meditating under the open sky, seeking a deeper communion with nature’s rhythm.

An Aura of Mystery

Witches often carry an aura of mystery, reflecting a depth of knowledge and experience with the unseen. Your neighbor might possess an uncanny wisdom, offering insights that seem beyond their years or too intuitive to be coincidental.

Participation in a Coven or Solitary Practice

While not all witches join covens, many do participate in groups for ritual work, learning, and community support. Conversely, a solitary witch prefers to practice alone, finding strength in personal rituals and reflection. Your neighbor’s social patterns might hint at either.

A House Full of Herbs and Crystals

Step into a witch’s home, and you’re likely to find herbs drying from the ceiling, jars of mysterious powders on the shelves, and crystals strategically placed around the living space. These aren’t mere decorations.


Herbs are used for their healing properties and in spellwork, while crystals are believed to harness specific energies, aiding in protection, love, and prosperity.

Respect for All Living Things

A deep respect for life in all its forms is central to witchcraft. This might manifest in your neighbor’s compassionate treatment of animals, commitment to environmental conservation, and kindness towards their community. It reflects the core belief in interconnectedness and the sacredness of all beings.

Embracing the Cycle of Life and Death

An often overlooked but deeply significant sign of a practicing witch is their reverent attitude towards the cycle of life and death. This encompasses more than an acceptance of mortality; it’s an understanding and celebration of the natural processes of birth, growth, decay, and regeneration. 


You might notice your neighbor honoring their ancestors, or perhaps they have a garden that includes not just plants for beauty and sustenance but also those that attract pollinators and decomposers.

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