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Cheeky Boy-What? A Guide to All the Types (And Shapes) of Women’s Underwear

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Women’s underwear is as varied and beautiful as the women who wear it. If you enter a department store or lingerie store, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics available in today’s underwear.

It is so overwhelming, in fact, that you may need some help understanding the differences between the various types. Are thongs and g-strings all that different, and which of the many styles is right for you?

This guide to all the types (and shapes) of women’s underwear is here to answer that and many other questions for you. Read on to find your perfect pair of panties.

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Underwear Styles

With fashion constantly evolving, we are sure to have missed a style or two in the following rundown. But we tried to be as thorough as we could. Whether your style is old-fashioned and cutting-edge sexy, we have found the underwear for you.

See for yourself.

Boy Shorts

Odd that we would start our list with the one type of underwear with “boy” in the title, but there is a good reason for this.

Historically, women’s underwear is not known for its comfort. Since boy shorts are based on their boxer counterparts, they combat this stereotype. Their easy shape is often paired with super comfy materials, making them a good fit for everyday wear.


Briefs are pretty boring, but they are highly functional. They are available almost everywhere underwear is sold, often in packs of three or more. The plus side is that they go with almost anything.

Control Briefs

This riff on classic briefs features a higher waist with an elastic band at the top. What control briefs control is your belly, so if you prefer to outsource your sucking into a piece of clothing, a pair of control briefs may be your solution.

Control briefs are also quite comfortable because of the lack of waistband digging right into the ridge of your waist. This may help your circulation, which can’t hurt if you have high blood pressure.

Hip Huggers, aka Hipsters

The name is deceiving. Hipsters get their name from the fact that they sit low on the waist, rip on the hips. They also feature leg holes that are cut lower than other shapes of underwear.


The benefit of a thong is that it gets out of the wear. When you wear it, it seems to disappear. Thongs are difficult to pair with jeans and come with a few risks, but they go great with dresses and skirts.


G-strings take the magic of thongs and add to the disappearing act. Instead of a band around the waist, they feature a single string. This is also hard to pair with pants but even better if you want to barely wear any underwear.


Bikini underwear features a high-cut leg line, a waistband that rests on the hips, and a bit of back coverage. They split the difference between classic briefs and thongs. This collection gives you an excellent idea of the typical coverage you can expect from bikinis.

French-Cut Panties

French-cut panties are a more stylish version of control briefs. They still offer the comfort of a high waist, but they do not always come with the tighter elastic band of their counterparts. Their high-cut leg holes also make for underwear that is good for circulation.

Don’t Under-wear It Out

With this guide to women’s underwear, you are now armed with the knowledge you need to match your preferences of comfort and style. We hope it has encouraged you to explore these fashions for yourself.

You will always fit better into your underwear and feel better about yourself if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out our healthy living tips for more information on how to do that.

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