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Crunching the Numbers on the Wedding Industry

It’s important to take a hard look at all the money being spent on weddings. The bridal industry wants as much money as possible, but most people have to plan their weddings within a realistic budget.

Let’s take a closer look at the wedding industry and how folks are finding ways to reduce their wedding planning expenses:

The Cost of the Average Wedding

The average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $33,900. This is a large amount of money that could be spent on a car, the down payment on a house, travel, and even paying off debt. When brides want to reduce their costs, they can use these tips to save money whenever possible. You do not need to have a cheap wedding, but you can reduce your expenses by cutting back on things you think are frivolous.

Cut Back on Gift Expenses

Friends and relatives spend big on bridal shower gifts before the actual wedding, and you might ask them to give just one gift. If everyone brings a gift to the wedding, there is no reason to bring a gift to the bridal shower. If everyone brings a gift to the bridal shower, they do not need to bring a gift to the wedding.

You may choose to divide the gift-giving process. Some couples might ask for small gifts at the bridal shower, but they will set up a page for charitable donations for the wedding. Your guests can give a small amount to a charity that means something to you, and your wedding party will collect that money, give to the charity in your name, and you can do something good for society as you get married.

How Many Services Do You Need?

You need a photographer, caterer, flowers, minister or officiant, music, and venue for your wedding. Some people will have their wedding at a massive venue, but they will spend less money on other parts of the wedding. Some people want to have a videographer at the wedding along with a photographer. You might ask a famous local DJ to come to the event, or you might want to bring in a pastry chef for desserts.

You should offer wedding favors to your guests, and you must consider the decor. You probably need to consider the cost of a full bar or cash bar, and you need servers for the reception if you offer a formal dinner.

How Can You Save Money?

You could get married in your grandmother’s backyard, or your aunt who loves to cook could do catering for the event. You might get people you know to provide the entertainment, and you can buy a bouquet just for the bride.

You don’t need to give up everything to save money! You just might have to make some small changes or look harder for that item or service in your price point. For example, wedding programs can be a nice touch at a low price if you find them online and do some designing yourself. However outsourcing the printing, design, copywriting, and layout to a bridal shop or craft store might get you a similar program for 6 times the price.

You might not want to bring a videographer to the wedding, and you might ask the photographer to take bridal party pictures and shots of the ceremony without staying for the reception. You can use a photo booth to capture moments from the reception, and you can trim your expenses in the process.


You should use the tips above to save money on your upcoming wedding. You do not need to spend a fortune on the wedding when you can save money in certain places. Work with your future spouse to create a wedding budget and plan that works for you both.

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