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Debt Guru Review

The Fundamentals 

Debt Guru is a nonprofit organization that provides counseling for consumer credit.  The company’s goal is to help others consolidate and get rid of unwanted debt without having to file for bankruptcy or apply for a consolidation loan. They provide free counseling and a debt management program for consumers. The debt management program is $39/month.

The nonprofit organization has been approved by creditors and has helped many families find financial stability and freedom from debt. It has a successful reputation and can help consumers to save significant sums of their income, reduce debt, and lower interest rates.

The Good Stuff 

Debt Guru provides specific advice and counseling for each unique and individual family. They immediately review your personal financial situation and are ready to help you develop a plan for your particular financial troubles. Their personalized and individualized care plan is their greatest strength and biggest appeal.

Not only do they help you to decrease interest rates and avoid over-charges and fees, but they also discuss small scale issues with customers as well. They even go as far as looking into your individual spending habits and discussing how you can make changes and improvements with your everyday spending. They help develop healthy lifestyle changes and smart spending habits.

The nonprofit organization works hard to have healthy and friendly relationships with creditors, and also can help individuals to stop credit harassment. Debt Guru also provides plenty of resources for debt and financial education. There are articles, blogs and other resources readily available to consumers.

There are no strings attached, it is reasonably priced with many free resources and counseling services, and you are able to easily remove yourself from the program at any point. No harm, no foul.

The Bad Stuff

Debt Guru’s website does not have extensive details on their debt management program and lacks some essential information. It is unclear whether or not there are any fees for canceling or removing yourself from the program.

They do not offer a client portal or similar online tool where customers are able to manage their account and monitor progress. There is a lack of control for consumers, which requires a degree of trust and a more hands-off mentality.

Furthermore, they do not advertise a “money-back guarantee.” It is uncertain what would happen if the debt management program was unsuccessful for your particular situation.

Lastly, the website does not have adequate information on consolidations. There is no calculator or past consolidation examples. They are also only accredited with one consolidation organization, NIFE (National Institute of Financial Education). 

The Big Picture

Debt Guru has many great resources and advisement plans for those looking for debt relief and consolidation. It is definitely worth signing up for a free consultation and making use of their educational resources and debt counseling services.

Their debt management program appears to be a solid program with great support from creditors, along with many happy and successful testimonies from past clients. Due to the lack of website information on this program, it may be wise to inquire further about this when speaking with Debt Guru.

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