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Detoxing Your Life for Healthier Living

When most people hear the word detox they think about fruit and veggie shakes or smoothies recommended by health and wellness experts. Though the consumption of pure nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the avoidance of processed foods and trans fats is one way of improving your health, it is not the only step that should be taken to get rid of the toxins in your life. There are a lot of other factors that can be equally, if not more, harmful than fast food if you don’t effectively remove them from your life. Below are a few areas to consider detoxing:

Social Life

Who you socialize with can have a grave impact on your emotional well-being. Genuine friendships are beneficial and should be nurtured as such. However, toxic relationships with others will only begin to weigh on you. If you have people in your circle who are really negative, engage in reckless behavior, are especially needy, or are always causing drama, it may be in your best interest to create some distance. The same goes for romantic relationships. If you’re dating or even married to someone who is physically or emotionally abusive, or toxic in any way, it is best to step away from that relationship as it’s only draining your energy.

Bad Habits

Are there some things that you do that you know aren’t right but you do them anyway? Things that, in the future, could very well come back to bite you? Bad habits are essentially poor decisions that are made today which can have a grave impact on your future. For instance, choosing to use illicit drugs on a regular basis could lead to addiction. Always saying yes to everyone because you love to “please people” can result in you feeling unfulfilled, resentful, and stressed. Therefore, cut the bad habits. If you’re drinking and abusing drugs, go to rehab and learn how to enjoy living a sober life. If you’re always saying yes, say no for a change. Try to find ways to do things for yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise made time for.


Money isn’t easy to manage. This is especially true when it feels like you have more money going out than coming in. Be that as it may, when your finances are in a disarray, it can trickle down into other areas of your life. If your finances are a wreck, it’s time to regain order. Start or reevaluate your budget, begin paying off and/or reducing debt, and be mindful of your spending. These three tasks will help you to free up money you weren’t aware you had which can be used towards saving for the future or enjoying life in the present.

Your Mind

Unfortunately, the world isn’t as nice as it used to be. Every day people are exposed to so much in life, that it can alter their very thought process. If your mind is often overloaded with stress, depression, anxiety, or negative thoughts, it can impede on your physical and mental well-being. It is important to rid the mind of these toxic thoughts. Meditation has been recommended as one of the best methods to detox the mind. Just a few minutes each day can re-channel your energy and clear your mind of the negativity.

Your Body

Of course, you can’t have a post about detoxing your life without talking about the importance of detoxing your body. You consume and are exposed to so many different environmental toxins and pollutants that it is vitally important to detox on occasion. Though your organs are designed to cleanse the body, you can give it a boost by looking for a detox program that works best for you. Vitamin C, a key detox vitamin, can help to flush your body of toxins. Some detox diets require you to eat fruits and veggie smoothies for several days to get enough vitamin C, while others recommend soups and salads. Simply choose which you can handle and begin flushing your body.

There’s so much in life that the average person is exposed to. From toxic friendships and unhealthy relationships to abusing drugs and eating too much junk food, everyone has some part of their lives they need to detox in order to live better. As you get rid of each of the above-mentioned toxins and negative influences, you’ll feel much lighter and happy about life..

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