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Don’t Let the Pandemic Blues Lead to a Relapse

For those who’ve gotten clean after struggling with addiction, relapse remains an ever-present specter lurking in the shadows. A bad experience or mounting stress can easily persuade someone to resume their addictive habits. As such, it’s no surprise the life-altering impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic present a major challenge to those determined to avoid relapse.

In the spirit of getting through these tough times with a real sense of accomplishment on the other side, here are some tips and suggestions for preventing the pandemic blues from leading to relapse:

Reach Out

If you’re one of the many thousands of former addicts out there trying to get through the idle time brought on by COVID-19 quarantine, know that you are not alone. At this very moment, there are many people recovering from addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, shopping, and so forth who find the current situation to be especially difficult. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Several centers for drug rehab in Newport Beach and other communities under lockdown are making adjustments in order to operate during the pandemic. Make the call before it’s too late.

Keep It Light

One great tactic many find helpful is to simply focus on keeping things light around the home. By this, we mean to not become too wrapped up in a constantly-serious attitude and persona. Relax, try out some of those deep breathing exercises you’ve heard about, or even put a comedy movie on TV and get the laughs flowing. Ample light, fresh air, and good smells and music can also help to uplift the atmosphere and keep things light for a much better day in the end.

Keep It Moving

While keeping things light, you can and should also keep things moving. Too much time to sit and do nothing can really be the addict’s downfall. As the old saying goes, “idleness is the devil’s workshop.”

So, how does one keep active and busy while locked down and kept away from normal coming and going? Here are a handful of ideas to get you going and maybe help to foster some of your own:

Deep clean your home.

Chances are you’re already planning on spring cleaning if you haven’t done so already. But don’t stop there. Get into areas you normally skip. Check behind the stove, light lens covers, fan blades, and under the bed for starters.

Get organized.

We all have things that could use some organization and that by being more organized can ultimately help us anyway. Cleaning up the kitchen junk drawer, creating a coupon organizer, or filing away that on-hold paperwork are all great ideas to stay busy with.

Utilize sports at every angle

Believe it or not, with a little creativity, sports of all kinds can be adapted to indoor or other, non-traditional areas of play. Miniature versions of billiards and golf can be set up in a multitude of ways around the house. Tabletop football is another fun option. Try to come up with some of your own fun versions of sports to play with what you have laying around.

These really are trying times. With some effort and creativity, though, anyone can make it through, despite the nature of their specific addiction. In conclusion, keep these above-mentioned tips in mind, seek help when you need it, and stay steadfast on your journey to wellness. We are all in this together.

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