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Good morning Loves.  Let me ask you a question, do do you spend money?  That’s the one question I always like to ask people when they tell me they’re broke.

I had a friend just come back from a wedding in NYC and she told me over lunch that she’s super broke.  I asked about the details of her trip because I wondered why it cost so much and why she spent money on a vacation if she couldn’t afford it.  She told me that she drove down with three other people, stayed at a friend’s apartment and didn’t go shopping.  The total cost for three days in NYC was $225.  So why is she broke?

I didn’t understand it.  I consider myself to be a budget friendly traveller so NYC for a weekend for under $250 is a great deal.  Tell me again why was she broke from spending $225?

You don’t physically have it

This is exactly how people get into debt.  If you spend money on your credit card and worry about paying it off later the balance will add up quickly…and so will the interest costs.

If $225 is going to make or break your budget for the month then maybe you shouldn’t be going to New York City for a long weekend.  That was my first thought when my friend told me she’s broke.

You’re not going to enjoy yourself

My second thought was why would you go on vacation if you weren’t going to enjoy yourself and worry about money all weekend.  I just didn’t get it.  I think it’s better to save a little more and wait a bit longer to go on vacation to make sure you enjoy it.  After all it’s your hard earned money so why not spend it wisely and enjoy it.

I know my friend can’t control when her friend is getting married, but maybe she could have started saving earlier than she did.  She could have also sent a gift along with her best wishes and an explanation that she just couldn’t afford it at the time.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be worrying about money throughout my entire vacation.

The experience is not worth the cost

I like to spend money, but  not waste it.  When I spend money unnecessarily I physically get sick.  After thinking about it for hours and giving myself a headache I actually get nauseous.  Not good times.  This probably stems from my days a totally broke girl who couldn’t afford to pay her cable bill and rent on the 1st.  It’s also probably why I’m extremely careful how and where I spend money nowadays.

What’s your best advice on how to spend money wisely?

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