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Effective Ways to Clean Your Property Like a Professional

If you have a stylish home and want to keep it in tiptop condition, cleaning is a number one priority. You may have the resources to hire a cleaner to ensure everything is in order, but if you don’t, there are several ways to return it to its show home status.

A professional clean goes beyond the surface dirt and dust and cleanses right into the heart of the property. Taking a systematic approach and professional outlook, you can tackle this job like an expert every time. If you’d like to find out some handy tips for cleaning like a pro, check out these simple ways to bring that sparkle back to your property.

Declutter and reorganize

Before cleaning anything, take stock of what you have in each room and whether it could be moved and reorganized. Removing unwanted furniture and moving items around gives you space to clean in places that are long forgotten. If things are left lying around, pack them away or store them safely while you clean. It is easier to move ornaments or delicate objects that could get broken if bumped.

Tackle that closet

It’s a girl’s best friend, or so they say, but if you have a closet that you are afraid to open, then you might want to consider having a good sort through to remove anything you no longer need or want. This could be a huge task, but you’ll certainly feel better for it once it’s complete. Donate any good quality clothing to charity.


This isn’t something many people enjoy about cleaning, but there are so many places to dust that many people forget about. Use microfiber cloths to remove most of the dust, as this will help to remove allergens and improve overall air quality in your property. If you have blinds, they can be tricky to tackle, so for a simple tip, pull the strings one way close and wipe a cloth over them, then repeat on the other side; alternatively, you can put a sock on your hand and use that. If they are extremely dirty, you’ll have to resort to wiping each slate down which could take some time. Don’t forget those places that slip your mind such as picture frames, tops of doors, light fittings and skirting boards.

Unwanted guests

If you find you have some unwanted guests, for example, insects or general critters, then you may need the help of a professional to make sure they leave your property for good. A good pest control service like Turner Pest Control offers everything from mosquito control to bed bug treatments so if you live an area with a temperate climate, effective solutions can put an end to unwanted visitors.

There are so many elements to keeping your property looking its best. From cleaning the kitchen to making sure the bathroom is spotless, there is always a long list of tasks to keep it looking gleaming. If your property is your pride and joy, these steps are just some of the things you’ll need to create the perfect living environment.


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