Effective Ways To Treat Bipolar Depression in Adults

There are many forms of depression nowadays. People of all ages may get depression of any type in their lives. One of the worst forms of depression is bipolar disorder. It involves manic episodes in which the affected person may experience extreme high or low moods. The imbalance in brain chemistry may lead to this disorder. This disorder is chronic and lifelong and may affect a person’s relationship with close family and friends. Everyday tasks may become challenging. Let us take a closer look at the subtypes of bipolar depression. 

  • Bipolar I disorder – this is the initial stage of bipolar depression. At this stage, the person may experience at least one manic episode 
  • Bipolar II disorder – at this stage, when the person experiences a minimum of one major depressive episode that lasts for at least two weeks along with a hypomanic episode
  • Cyclothymia – when a person has multiple depressive and hypomanic episodes frequently




There are two extreme moods of a bipolar person. An extremely high mood is called mania and an extremely low mood is called depression. Both the extremes have different symptoms and the bipolar person may constantly shift between these two emotions. 


  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of energy
  • Reckless behavior
  • Heightened sense of touch or smell
  • Talking too much
  • Eating disorder




The doctor will first conduct a physical exam to rule out any physical disease. After a proper physical exam, the doctor will refer the patient to a psychiatrist. A bipolar person must have at least five characteristics from the criteria defined by the American Psychiatric Association. 


You can also do self-testing by taking a few bipolar depression tests and quizzes. As they are not medically valid, you must still visit a psychiatrist for a proper evaluation and treatment. 




Timely intervention and treatment can save a person from getting manic. It may be a difficult time for families but proper treatment can lead to astounding results and the bipolar persons may go on to lead normal lives


  • Medications


Mood stabilizers and antipsychotic medicines are prescribed to bipolar persons after a proper diagnosis. Latuda is one of the best medicines to treat bipolar disorder. During the consultation with your psychiatrist, you can get cheaper Latuda price online by logging onto the website of PricePro Pharmacy. They specialize in selling authentic medicine at discounted prices. 


  • Therapy


Along with medical treatment, it is necessary to seek advice from the therapist as well. A psychiatrist is there to properly make you understand your illness. You may get support regarding your feelings and thoughts. Your psychiatrist may condition your mind in such a way that you will feel good about yourself. 


  • Electroconvulsive therapy


This therapy is considered a last resort for people who have tried all ways to remain calm and control manic episodes. It is also done for those people as well who cannot take medicines due to other health concerns. This therapy can rectify the chemical reactions of the brain. 


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