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7 Ways to Hydrate Skin Without Spending Money

Hydrate Skin Without Spending Money

There are so many different ways to make our skin more beautiful. However, most of them cost us a lot of money. If you’ve invested in the creams, the masks, and the spa days, then you know how much those costs can add up. However, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to improve the look of your skin. Here are 7 ways to hydrate skin without spending money.

Hydration is Key to Beautiful Skin

You might have many different complaints about your skin. From acne to uneven skin tone, we can find a lot to pick on ourselves about. However, before you start doing anything about those details, focus on hydration. Hydrating your skin is the easiest, most inexpensive, and best way to improve the look of your skin. You can worry about the other stuff later if you still feel that you need to. But first start with hydration.

7 Ways to Hydrate Skin Without Spending Money

Yes, there are plenty of moisturizers that you can purchase on the shelves of your local beauty store. However, you don’t have to spend all of that money to get healthy, hydrated skin. Let’s look at 7 ways to hydrate skin without spending money. Well, okay, technically you’ll spend a tiny bit of money for some of these. After all, technically it costs you a little bit to drink water each day, right? But in the big scheme of things, these seven options cost just pennies.

1. Drink Water Throughout The Day

So, let’s start there. Before you go putting anything on the outside of your body, refresh it from the inside. Drinking enough water every day is the number one way to hydrate your skin.

2. Wash Your Skin Gently With Lukewarm Water

All Womens Talk, among other sources, explains that you want to pay attention to the water that you’re using to wash your skin. In particular, pay attention to the temperature. It feels so good to get under a hot shower. However, water that’s too hot can actually dehydrate your skin. Therefore, when showering, and particularly when washing your face, use lukewarm water instead.

3. Leave Your Skin a Bit Wet After Washing

Prevention suggests that you don’t dry your face too much after washing it. Pat it dry, of course. After all, you don’t want to drip all over the place. But leave it a little moist. Give the skin time to soak that water in.

Prevention also mentions that if you have a humidifier then you should use it regularly at home. The more moisture in your home’s air, the more moisturized your skin will be.

4. Exfoliate With a Wash Cloth

You want to exfoliate your skin regularly. This scrubs away the dead gross stuff, leaving you with fresh skin. This fresh skin is more capable of absorbing and holding moisture. Therefore, exfoliation helps with hydration. However, you don’t have to buy some fancy chemical peel or special scrub to exfoliate. Instead, simply use a washcloth and scrub your skin.

5. DIY Exfoliants

If you do want to create a scrub for exfoliation, you can probably find the ingredients right in your own kitchen. There are many DIY face scrubs that will work well. Sugar, for example, is a good choice. Baking soda, coffee grounds, and oatmeal are a few other examples. Technically, of course, you pay a little bit for these items. However, if they’re already in your kitchen, you’re not spending extra money. Moreover, these are much more affordable than beauty products.

6. Moisturize With Oil

Just like with exfoliants, you probably have the oil that you need in your kitchen to moisturize your skin. Coconut oil, olive oil, and other similar options are all great for the skin.

7. Eat Water-Rich Foods and Healthy Fats

Let’s go back to the beginning – moisturize from the inside out. Prevention says that you should regularly eat water-rich foods, such as cucumber. You should also eat healthy fats, like fish with omega 3s. Of course, you should also avoid dehydrating foods like those that are high in sodium. Eat for your skin!

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