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DIY Ways I Use Coconut Oil

DIY Ways I Use Coconut Oil

This week I pulled out the coconut oil to help my dog. That got me to thinking about all of the DIY ways I use coconut oil. In case it’s not a product that you use often, I thought I’d share those ideas with you.

The Coconut Oil I Buy

I buy jars of cold pressed virgin coconut oil. It solidifies in the jar so it’s sort of a paste. You have to heat it up to actually melt it into an oil. The jars themselves are expensive, as compared to other oils such as olive oil, for example. However, the jars last a long time and I’m able to use coconut oil for many different things in my home.

Coconut Oil for the Dog

Over the weekend, my pup and I did a long hike. Sadly, it was a little rougher on both of us than I expected. He tore his paw pads up a little bit. So, that’s why I got out the coconut oil. They make a great balm for dog paws.

However, that’s not the only way that I use coconut oil for my dog. I also use it on his skin sometimes, to moisturize him. He gets seasonal allergies and starts to itch and when I put it on his skin, the itching usually stops.

And I feed a little bit to him periodically in his meals. Coconut oil has a lot of potential health benefits for dogs and humans alike.

Coconut Oil for Me

The same great reasons to use coconut oil on the dog apply to myself as well. Mostly, I use it to moisturize my skin. I especially like it for rough patches like feet and elbows. Sometimes I’ll apply it as the paste. However, I usually warm it up into the oil. It feels good going on. It smells good. Moreover, it makes my skin feel great.

I’ve used coconut oil in my hair, as well, although I don’t do that very often. I dye my hair regularly so it’s good to moisturize it sometimes, and that’s one option for doing so.

And I definitely eat coconut oil as well. More specifically, I cook with it. In addition to the aforementioned cold pressed coconut oil, I also have a spray bottle of coconut oil that I use to coat the bottom of a pan before I cook. I’ll also use it on top of vegetables before I roast them. I use it fairly interchangeably with olive oil.

I’ve also used it as a massage oil, a shaving gel, and a toothpaste.

Coconut Oil for the Home

Finally, I incorporate some DIY uses for coconut oil around the home. I use wooden cutting boards, so I slather them with coconut oil sometimes when they need a touch-up.

I never really learned to make dusting a part of my regular cleaning routine. Therefore, I look for hacks to prevent the need to dust. And shining the home up with coconut oil serves as a natural dust repellant.

I’ve read that you can use coconut oil in place of grease – such as for squeaky door hinges or bicycle chains. I haven’t needed to use it that way, but I certainly way.

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