Email Newsletters You Should Be Subscribed To

It’s important to protect your email, but sometimes newsletters are the best way to get financial news. Subscribing to a few, informational emails can help you stay on top of what’s going on in the world as well as provide information about financial planning right to your inbox.

These are a few of the best email newsletters I’ve found:

The Skimm

The Skimm is a free email delivered to your inbox every morning with the highlights of yesterday’s news stories. It doesn’t just provide a quick review of what you’ve already heard; it goes a little more in-depth and provides information you may not realize you needed to know. Best of all, it keeps your daily news stories fun and entertaining. After reading your email, you can easily carry on a discussion on any story making the headlines.


Finimize is financial news in under 3 minutes; perfect for your busy schedule. Their goal is to empower you to become your own financial advisor with their news stories and information. They are teaching people how to get their personal finances in order, not just saving and investing, but everything you need to know. It’s your quick go-to guide for everything you need to know about your finances.


For just $10/month or $100/year you can receive daily updates with news and analysis, access a members-only forum, and even attend in-person meetups. The emails arrive three times a week and include a considerable analysis of news stories and deeper investigations. There is also an additional once-a-week article reviewing a top headline story to give you the in-depth information.


Every day Nextdraft visits about 75 news sites (so you don’t have to) and finds the most fascinating top 10 stories of the day. Then they send that information to you in an informative and hilarious way. You’ll learn something new each and every day and you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next email. You’ll also be able to stay on top of the headline news so that you can discuss the stories with knowledge.


This newsletter brings you the latest and greatest podcasts that you need to be listening to. It also provides and in-depth look at the podcasting industry and how much it has grown. Since it only comes to your inbox once a month, it won’t overwhelm you with loads of information, just the best.

The Morning Chalk Up

If you do CrossFit, this newsletter is for you! Delivering the best CrossFit content every weekday right to your inbox, they help you stay on top of the latest information. They aim to educate, inform, and inspire you with relevant stories that contribute to your growth as an athlete. In addition to fitness, they offer reviews of protein bars, information about athletes worldwide, and inspiration to keep you moving towards your fitness goals. There are even some posts to give you a good laugh. Join the community of CrossFit with The Morning Chalk Up.

Staying on top of the news, financial information, and fitness world will keep you informed and up-to-date. Just a few extra emails a week can get the job done with these newsletters.

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