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5 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

Everyone loves to be entertained in one way or another. Entertainment allows us to take a break from work and stress to relax, unwind, and have a little fun. It gives us a chance to enjoy the pleasures of life.

There are several different ways I like to relax and be entertained when I need a break. For example, sometimes I like to travel to other places by reading a good book. Or, I might watch a great movie and lose myself in the inter-actions of the characters on the screen.

But no matter what form of entertainment I choose, I try to keep the costs down most of the time. Fortunately there are at least 5 ways to save money on entertainment so you can keep more money in your budget for other needs.

1. Books

One of my favorite ways to save money on entertainment and relax at the same time is to pick up a book or listen to an audiobook. There are a couple of different ways I save money when I read.


I happen to still love reading paper books as much as I do ebooks. To save money you can get a library card from your local library without paying a dime. As long as you return your books on time you won’t have to pay any fees for having books overdue.

My library also has a book swap. They have a rack of books you can look through and select one or two. All you have to do is leave one in return for each one you take.


If you have a Kindle or other electronic device you can download some eBooks for free. Amazon has a large selection and if you search for “free Kindle books” you will likely find some that interest you.

There are several other internet sites that offer free ebooks as well. Just google “free eBooks” and see what you can find.

Borrow Them

Do you have any bookworm friends? I do, and we swap books occasionally allowing each of us to read more for less money.

2. Television and Movies

Most people have at least one television and pay for either cable or satellite TV. But you can also watch for free if you need to save money on entertainment.


Hulu offers a monthly plan for as low as $6 and offers some movies free as well. Fox, NBC, and ABC offer some television series completely free too, giving you more entertainment choices.

You can rent movies for a buck a piece from Redbox if there is one near you. Another alternative is to rent through Netflix, like I do, for between $8 and $14 per month. That’s a whole lot cheaper than a single night out at a movie with my husband.

3. Music

Listening to music is an entertainment choice I find I can’t live without. It enriches our lives, pumps us up, and calms us down. In addition, music is a form of entertainment you can get inexpensively and even free which permits you to spend your money on other things you need.

Once again, Amazon is a source you can go to if you are looking for free music. But you can also download from other sources as well, such as Jamendo.  Streaming Pandora can provide you with music for free also, or you can upgrade to Pandora Plus for just $5 per month.

4. Games

Playing games is a cheap and fun way to entertainment both you and your friends or family. Download them to your electronic device without paying anything through Google Play. But you can also get upgraded versions of the free games or other games for a small fee as well.

Taking advantage of old fashioned board games is one way my family and I like to save money on entertainment. Over the years we have amassed a good sized collection and always find one we can agree on when we get together.

5. Exercise

Getting exercise doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can save money on entertainment and get into shape simultaneously without trying very hard.

You can bicycle or walk to work as a means to exercise, save money, and be eco-friendly all at the same time. Obviously a bike does cost a little, but if you already have one, put it to use and get to peddling. If you don’t, pick one up at a garage sale instead of paying a bundle for a new one.

Everybody needs to have some time for rest, relaxation, and entertainment now and then. It’s how we recharge our batteries so we are ready to go again when we need to work hard. Thankfully with these 5 ways to save money on entertainment you can get a little r and r and save money while doing it.

What are some of the economical ways you save money on entertainment?

Jeanne is a married mother of 2 grown children who works as a full-time freelancer and also helps out occasionally on the farm she and her husband own together. Her background is mostly finance and medical office management.  She’s currently working to improve her financial well-being and hopes to help others improve theirs as well.

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