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Finding God through Nature – The Part You Play as Parents

Having kids and raising them to be good, upright citizens is a huge responsibility. As parents, you’ll want to train them to be future custodians of the planet and conserve the natural world. Side-by-side, you’ll want to inculcate values of honesty, fortitude, integrity, and morality in your children. Like the Pastors Steve and Becky Riggle at Grace Church recommend, “Fulfill your duties as parents by helping kids in finding God through Nature. Develop values of kindness toward their fellow creatures and you teach them to respect the creations of God!”

Kids Have an Inherent Curiosity About Their World

Little children are full of wonder, curiosity, and excitement about the world around them. As soon as they learn to speak and understand, you’ll field constant questions about the why and hows about everything they see. Like this article on ResearchGate explains, a parent is the child’s first tutor. Why is the sky blue? Why do ants gather food? Why is the dog barking? How does the sun come out each morning? Each time you answer a question, talk about the Hand of God and how He is the force behind the universe and all living things. Reveal how the Almighty is watching over them and takes care of them. By indulging in their curiosity, you’ll reawaken your knowledge and perhaps, even discover things you never thought about finding out earlier. Encourage the joy of learning and be open to finding answers if you don’t know them at first.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy with the kids.

Spend Time in the Yard or Have Exploratory Sessions in the Park

Spend quality time with the kids in natural surroundings. Pluck a blade of grass and examine its green color. Follow an insect hurrying along and examine the spots on a ladybird. Explain how every tiny creature plays its part in the general scheme of things. Begin the first steps in finding God through Nature with an understanding of how living things are different from each other in the food they eat, the colors they display, and where they live. Every lesson can be a little about science also and how life exists as a force in all things, animate and inanimate.

As Stephen Moss, writer naturalist, and broadcaster opines on The Guardian, it is essential for parents to expose kids to the excitement of discovering nature on their own without the constant presence of grown-ups. He says, “More kids today are interested in the natural world than ever before; they watch it on the telly, they may well visit a nature reserve or a National Trust site with their families. But far fewer are experiencing it directly, on their own or with their friends, and that’s what counts: this is about more than nature.”

Plant Seeds or Get a Pet to Marvel at How Things Grow

Taking care of a living thing instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life. For instance, plant a seed in a pot and show your kids how to water it every day. You could also soak seeds so young gardeners can watch them sprout and see the new seedlings emerge. Simple activities like these teach children to be patient and be awed at the magic. Consider growing flowers so kids can marvel at how a seed can turn into something so beautiful. Or, for instance, get home a species of fish that change color as they grow and watch the utter amazement on your kids’ faces. Along with them, you might also regain your sense of wonder at the fascinating spectacle and glory of nature.

Bring Home Brightly-Colored Fruits and Vegetables to Discover Nature through Taste

Humility and gratitude for the gifts we receive is an important part of being a good person. Begin your journey of finding God through Nature by teaching your kids to appreciate the bounty of nature. Ingrain the habit of giving thanks to God before every meal and get them to taste different fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Also, keep a strict control on the processed foods they consume. Not only will you raise healthier kids, but you may also find that they are less stressed and anxious. Check out this article on the HuffPost that talks about of the damage caused to children’s young bodies and psyches because of an overdose of trans fats, salt, and sugar. Focus on raising happy kids who are content with their lives and secure in the knowledge that they’re loved.

Take a Camping Holiday to Detox from the Digital World

Finding God through nature will be a lot easier when both parents and kids are not distracted by digital media. And, the best way to do that is to go on camping holidays. You’ll have time to connect with your kids and have real conversations with them about righteous living and recognizing the Hand of the Creator. Breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors and learn how to take only what you need from nature leaving no waste behind. Such holidays can be the critical first steps to learning conservation, recycling, and how to protect the beautiful world that the Almighty has created. Of course, an added positive is training to live without the conveniences of the contemporary urban lifestyle that we seem to take for granted. Read this article on BT for a better overview of all that camping can do for you.

Every parent must recognize the value of the young lives placed in their hands. It is up to you to shape the minds of tomorrow’s citizens and teach them to live and let live. The lessons about finding God through nature that you teach your kids today will help them grow up to be wonderful, balanced human beings that have a keen respect for the world they live in. Think about it!

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