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Friday Faves: Why I love to shop local


Good morning Loves.  There is nothing I love more than walking around a city, getting lost and discovering new places to eat, stores to shop in spots to hang out.  This recently happened to me on my weekend getaway to NYC.

Discover local shops in your area

I had to go to Union Square which I knew was at 14th street.  Unfortunately the subway line I was on didn’t actually go to Union Square but it did have a stop at 14th street.  So I got off an walked.  Along the way I discovered a great little jewelry store where everything was $1 because they were going out of business.

I was sad to see a local store going out of business, it’s sad because someone’s livelihood is ending and it probably also means that a big box chain is going to take over the prime real estate location, some type of store there are already too many of.  I bought two rings for $2 and to this day they are some of my favorite pieces of costume jewelry – surprisingly they also don’t turn my finger green.

Local shops need local customers to survive

That’s the thing about shopping local, you always find fantastic things but it’s hard for them to survive and compete against the big stores who have corporate dollars to fund their survival.

I like to shop local whenever I can whether it be at a farmers market, at my neighborhood restaurants or at independent shops.  With major purchases such as furniture and electronics I always shop at big stores like Best Buy because I know the quality is good and I can buy an extended guarantee.  I probably wouldn’t buy a sofa from Joe’s Furniture on the corner but I sure would buy my weekly groceries from Joe’s Fruits and Vegetables.

Shop local for your produce

Buying local produce is better than shopping in grocery store chains for several reasons including freshness and lower price.  I really love shopping at local farmers markets because I know the goods are farm to table which I love.

The produce hasn’t been transported very far and sprayed with chemicals to keep fresh.  The taste of cooking with fresh ingredients makes any meal so much better. If you like to cook, these brilliant hot dog rollers can help you prepare your favorite snack at home at a very low cost.  Since I’m a vegetarian having quality fruits and vegetables at a low price because we cut out the middle man is very important.

Local finds are one of a kind

There is nothing worse than walking in to a party and seeing someone else wearing the same dress or shirt as you are.  When you shop local you are bound to find unique items that are not sold to the masses.

Whenever I wear my rings I get compliments and that makes me feel good.  This is one of the great things about shopping local, you will most likely be the own person wearing it in the room.

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