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Friday Faves: 3 Reasons to Cook at Home


Happy Friday Loves.  It’s the weekend, what are your plans?  I usually spend my weekends working, watching movies, sleeping until noon and eating French Toast.  Occasionally I venture out of my apartment to stack up on take-out, that’s if I didn’t do it Friday after work.  Usually I live on grab and go food, but not this weekend.

I’ve started cooking at home.  Mind you right now my meals mostly consist of sandwiches and bowls of cereal, however I’m getting better at baked pasta and homemade pizza.  I have wanted to learn to cook for years, but the time commitment is far outweighed by the convenience of grabbing take out or going out for dinner with friends.  Last night I admit I went to Chinatown for fried rice and bubble tea, but for the next two days I’m staying in to prepare my meals.

Here are three good reasons why cooking at home is better than eating out.

It’s a lot cheaper

Now trust me when I tell you I can argue both side of this point.  However for the sake of this post let’s say that cooking at home is cheaper.  I like being able to walk around with $0 in my wallet and know I’ll be alright.  There’s nothing worse than craving food, getting to a restaurant and finding out they only take cash when all you have is a credit card.

I like seeing my bank account and credit card balances stay the same.  My usual transactions consist of grocery stores, pharmacies and a lot of takeout food.  It will be nice to see exactly how much I’m saving if I can keep this up over the next few weeks.  So far I’ve calculated that I’ll save $10 on Saturday’s lunch, $30 on Saturday’s dinner and another $10 on Sunday’s lunch.  So I just saved myself $50.  If I keep this up I can save $200 a month, that’s $2400 a year!

It’s makes you appreciate your food

It’s true that nothing tastes like home cooked food.  I like to eat out because usually anything – and I do mean anything – I can buy in the store tastes better than anything I will try to attempt to cook at home.  However I am going to make a solid effort to try and cook at home over the next three days.

I tend to appreciate my food more when I have to work for it, it’s almost as if I’m reaping the rewards of my labor and that’s always nice.  Cleaning dishes afterwards is not my favorite thing in the world, but at least it’s a result of my hard work and money saved.  It’s a win-win.

Baking makes my apartment smell good

There’s nothing like the smell of apples and cinnamon or fresh banana bread to start the weekend off on the right foot.  I absolutely love how our apartment smells when there’s something baking in the oven.  I am actually better at baking than I am at cooking.  I say it’s because in my Catholic high school the girls had to take a cooking class and learn to bake while the boys took shop and learned to build things.  Ah yes, gender stereotypes, hhhmmmm.

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