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3 Foods That Are Always a Waste of Money

wasted food, waste food, waste your moneyGood morning Loves. Take a minute and think about your money last week.  What did you spend money on, or better yet what did you waste money on?  Every Saturday I do weekly chores which includes cleaning, dusting, washing the floors and emptying out the refrigerator.  Trust me it’s amazing what I find.

We don’t waste a lot of food – or anything for that matter – because BF and I live alone.  After 15 years of living together we pretty much know exactly what we need to live and how much we consume each week when it comes to things like food.  But for some reason this week I discovered that we threw out a lot of spoiled food and it’s still bothering me because it’s unlike us to over consume and I really hate wasting money.

So here’s my question, how much money are you wasting on food?

I will be the first to admit that my money habits could be a little bit tighter, but they have made great strides over the years and I’m very proud of that.  Is there still work to be done? Yes of course I think we can all spend a little less to save a little more but there’s a fine line between enjoying our money now and saving every penny we earn for later.

These are three things I always waste money on, even though I know I shouldn’t.

Spoiled food

This doesn’t happen often in our household but when it does I get really upset.  When I throw out a bag of moldy tomatoes all I can think about is all the other ways I could have spent that money – other than throwing it in the garbage.

This really comes down to our grocery store habits.  Sometimes I feel like eating something when I see it in the grocery store but by the time I get home I don’t feel like having it anymore.  Then it sits in the fridge while I try to convince myself to cook it and by the end of the week it is untouched and I have to throw it out.

Restaurant bills

I agree that sometimes eating out in restaurants is justified in times like a friend’s birthday or other type of celebration.  However eating out every day can just be attributed to being lazy.  I could personally make up a hundred reasons as to why I need to eat out every day – some are true and others are literally just excuses.  I’m busy, I’m tired and I don’t like to clean dishes are a few of my favorites.

When you add in the cost of the actual meal, plus drinks, plus tax and tip a sit down meal at a restaurant can be very expensive. It’s a lot cheaper to grab take out.

Over consumption and indulgences

The truth is humans don’t need that much food to live.  Very often our minds are bigger than our bellies and therefore we over consume food and in turn costs.  Think about the last time you ate a meal at a restaurant – did you get an appetizer, a main course and dessert?  That’s a lot of food and money.

Ah the desserts.  This is my absolute weakness when it comes to food. I could justify spending $15 on three cupcakes all. day. long!  My trick is to order an appetizer for my main course and order a dessert. It cuts the cost down substantially so I feel less guilty for spending the money.


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