4 Pieces of Advice from My Mom


advice, mother's dayGood morning Loves.  With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this weekend I started thinking about all the wonderful things I’ve learned from my mother over the years.

To say that mother daughter relationships are complicated would be a huge understatement, at least mine is.  But despite our ups and downs I’ve learned some valuable lessons from my mother over my 35 years.

What’s the best advice you ever got from your mom?


me and my mom

Dress with the season

Everything about my mother from her manners and demeanour to her style and attitude are the perfect mix between Emily Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls and Martha Stewart from…well, Martha Stewart.  My mom is good with money, can run a business and always dresses in pastels from head to toe.  She even has short hair like Mrs. Gilmore and Ms. Stewart.

The best fashion advice I ever learned from my mom is that “Ladies never dress in all black.”  Yes that’s a direct quote.  Her pants or skirt always match her top and her hand bag always matches her shoes, which are always high heels…even on the weekends.  We went to NYC for four days and my mom walked around the city in heels, short ones but heels nevertheless.

Proper manners at all times

My mother loves to have a good time, but she never acts a fool.  She is perfectly poised at all times, never raises her voice (we’ll get to that in a minute) and always, always keeps her legs crossed.   My sister and I are extremely loud, like when we’re in a room together you can hear us down the block.

When my sister enters a room she flings over the door and yells “What’s up people?”  My mother’s response is always “Ladies don’t yell.”  Yes that’s my family!  Thanks to my mom I always act like a lady, well at least I try to…around her.

Get ahead at work by keeping your cool

When I tell you that my mom is a brilliant business lady I’m not joking.  By day she works in Human Resources and by night she runs her husband’s business.  She started her career as a secretary (is that the politically correct word) and worked her way up to a director.

She gives good advice about workplace matters and usually sheds light on difficult co-worker situations.  Remember when my co-worker called me a bad name?  She’s the one who walked me thorough it.  My Dad on the other hand said I should break his legs with a baseball bat.  They’re divorced.

Always have a welcoming home

Not only does my mother rotate her wardrobe with every season change, she also changes the decor in her home.  If you walk in to her home this time of year it will be full of fresh cut flowers, bright table cloths and candles smelling of fresh cotton.  If you were to visit my mom in October her dining room table would have an orange and brown center piece and her entire home would smell like apples and cinnamon.  She’s very festive!

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