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Get the Community to Get Out of Debt

Debt is a huge problem impacting masses of individuals in our communities. Once we fall into debt, it can be very difficult to crawl our way back out. In fact, it is much easier to dig yourself deeper in debt than to make any progress paying it off. Credit cards and payment plans have created a debt-stricken community, but together we can work to reduce our debts and become financially stable.

We are stronger together than we are apart. Check out these 7 debt forums for advice, tips and tricks on debt reduction and healthy financial lifestyles.

Money Moustache Forums

Mr. Money Moustache has great financial forums available for a variety of financial topics. Below is the link to a specific debt-free forum, as well as a link to the website for all of the money saving forums. The specific debt-free forum shares stories from individuals who are working to reduce their debt and have the goal of becoming completely debt free in the next half year.

Saving Advice Forums

Saving Advice can be a lifesaver when trying to get a handle on our finances. It is very easy to fall into a lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck, but it is also a very low place to be. When you learn to save, a lot of your monthly stress and anxiety will go away. Having a savings plan is vital to financial stability and overall contentment. Check out these saving advice forums to see what individuals suggest for saving.

Our Debt Free Family

Our Debt Free Family has a Facebook group that could greatly benefit you to join. Individuals share stories and discuss ideas for becoming debt free, as well as chatting about many other financial topics. The community that Our Debt Free Family has created is welcoming and non-judgmental. Together, you can work at being debt-free.

Debt Free Fanatics Forum

If your main goal is being debt-free, this forum is full of fanatics who can help you reach that goal. The community has great advice and is ready to share it with you. Read stories such as “My Journey to Debt Freedom” and “Saving is Not One-Size-Fits-All.”

Debt-Free Wannabe

The Debt-Free Wannabe forums are perfect for those that “wanna be” debt-free! There are challenges that you can participate in, or even create yourself for the community. Check out the Sealed Pot Challenge for one example! See more for yourself.

Get Out of Debt Free Forum

It’s time to get out of debt, and this free forum will help you get there. They cover topics such as banks, credit cards, dealing with debt collectors, student loans, credit repair and more. The forum is user friendly and easy to navigate. Start today and get a handle on your debt!

Frugal Village Forums

A support system goes a long way in life, and the frugal village forums are full of friendly supporters who have tips for living a frugal life. Check out specific forums on their page covering a variety of topics, such as Home Environment, Families, Special Occasions and Holidays, DIY, Frugal Living and Simple Living.

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