Got Weekend Plans?

Here’s what’s on tap for me this weekend:

  • Co-worker’s Dinner Party: We hope to at least stop by and make a grand appearance tonight.
  • Lloyd’s Old Roomie’s 30th Birthday Party: Man, his friends are getting old!  He he…
  • CPA Studying Goals: Friday, 1 hour; Saturday 3-5 hours; Sunday 1-2 hours.  Fun!
  • Pool: At least once.  Gotta get my tan on!
  • Gym:My cardio has been suffering because of my cursed knee…so I’m hoping to be able to pick it up a couple times this weekend.
  • The Shining: Lloyd and I are planning to watch The Shining this weekend!

I’m getting The Shining from the library and everything else should be free, too!  Gotta love those inexpensive weekends. 😉

Anyone have anything exciting planned?  Have a great weekend!


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  • Working working working! For an unemployed person, I’m goin to be pretty busy: running support for friends and their sports team, making snacks for two teams, working on a freelance project, helping a friend edit a final project.

    I guess looking for a job will have to wait until Monday. 🙂

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