Happy October 1st. I love fall.


Good morning Loves and Happy October 1st.  As you read this BF and I are moving into our new apartment.  Yes the big day is finally here and I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to unpack, get settled in and start decorating – with the help of Pinterest of course, flashback to Monday’s post.  I want to get the boxes cleared out and start enjoying our new space – after all we have more than double the space from our old apartment.

Now enough about me and my big day, let’s get back to today.  It’s the first day of October and although it’s not officially the first day of fall this is when I consider the fall season to be in full swing.  I absolutely love fall, it’s by far my favorite season.  Everything from the smell of the season change to the brisk air and warm sunshine.  Yes it’s safe to say that I for one am definitely glad fall has finally arrived.

5 reasons why I love fall:

1. The new TV lineup.  I know this may sound silly but I really really love watching TV.  All my favorite shows come back on air with the new fall schedule and I even fall in love with some new shows.  Right now I’m happy to be watching Survivor and The Good Wife.  I am also crushing on a few new shows such as How To Get Away With Murder and Gotham (but that may be because it stars Ryan Atwood from The O.C.).

2. Fall fashions.  I could live in boots all year round if it wasn’t so hot in the summer and so cold in the winter.  When I unpack in our new closet (by the way it’s a walk in) I will put my fall wardrobe at the forefront.  This includes my trendy (not wool) scarves, boots, tights and light sweaters.  I wish it didn’t get so cold in the snowy North East because I would love to wear sweaters and leather jackets for more than just a couple months before we switch to goose down coats, mittens and wool hats.  But I guess if I want to live in a different climate I need to move.

3. My Birthday.  Next Thursday is my birthday, in 8 days I will be 34 years old.  I have to admit this year was pretty awesome so I’m excited to see what the next year has to bring.  Usually this time of year I start planning everything I want to do, all the places I want to go and all the things I want to accomplish over the next year; but with our move I can’t think about anything other than pillows, bedrooms and bath mats.  I decided next year I am only going to have one goal – get fit and be happy with who I am.

4. Travelling is cheap.  I usually like to take a weekend trip at the beginning and at the end of fall because it’s the perfect time to travel.  Peak season is over, the weather is still warm enough to be outside and prices drop real low.

5. The colors are gorgeous.  I could walk around all day during fall because the city is just so gorgeous.  The colors of fall landscapes are a major reason why I love to take road trips during the fall.  I find that gazing out the window at orange and red leaves makes the time fly by.

What do you love about fall?

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