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Headed to The Big Easy!

G found out today that he has to go to New Orleans in two weeks for work.  Every time he has to travel for work, I immediately hop on Orbitz to check out flight prices.  Usually the flights are silly expensive so I never end up going.  But, this time, I was in for a surprise.  Turns out nonstop roundtrip flightnew-orleanss to New Orleans from Kansas City are super cheap – to the tune of about $149!  So, I’ll be headed down south in 2 weeks!

New Orleans isn’t necessarily on the top of my dream destinations list – but I would like to see as much of the US of A as possible before we have kids so I’m super excited to check another city off of my list.  Plus, it’s hard to pass up a trip to a cool city for only $149!

What to do?  Where to go?

Seeing as I’ve never been to New Orleans before, I need some tips.

I’ll have 2 full days to explore the city while G is working.  I know we’ll be staying somewhat close to the French Quarters/Bourbon Street area.  I’d like to do as much walking as possible, so hopefully there is plenty to see within walking distance of that area.

What are your best travel tips for New Orleans?  What are some must-sees or places I should avoid?



  • I tagged along with a friend who had meetings (in a hotel right on Bourbon Street!) so I also had long days by myself. Take a tour. The tours are WORTH it. Honestly. The best was when I wasn’t alone,at night, when I went on a ghost tour, and it was AMAZING. Also, you can drink while you walk around by running across the street and grabbing a hurricane to go. This is strongly recommended. But on my own I went on a cemetery tour, which was fascinating. If I had more time, I would have toured the garden district, which is the one thing I regret missing.

    Really, if you’re by yourself, tours are a safe way of seeing everything, and a way to learn more than you would on your own. I fell in *love* with New Orleans’ sordid history (founded by criminals, prostitutes, and nuns!).

    I am so jealous. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  • Hey! My hubby is from a little town about 60 miles west of NO. We JUST got back from there! Cafe Du Monde is a must do. They begneits are to die for. You MUST ride a street car named Desire. No Joke. If you can rent a car, there is a casino west on HW 90 in Amelia, called the Amelia Bell. It is an old river boat they turned into a casino and the buffet is the best I’ve ever had. And it is amazingly inexpensive. Also, the churches there are amazing… There is an aquarium that is nice and just wandering around watching the street performers is an enjoyable time to me as well. Take LOTS of film! Enjoy and be safe!

  • I second Cafe du Monde. Don’t wear black when you go there though. Powdered sugar disaster.

    Also, get a drive through daiquiri (because you can). I recommend the eggnog ones. They are like alcoholic milk shakes. 🙂

  • I live about 3 hrs away from N.O., but have only been a few times. Definitely go to Cafe du monde and get yall some begneits…i could eat a whole bag of them! The Audobon park is pretty nice, and free! It’s about 15 minutes away from the french quarter. Be prepared, the french quarter area is pretty dirty/smelly/full of crazies!

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