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How far would you go for a good deal?

Grocery store

I admittedly love a great deal just as much as the next girl, the question is how far would I go to save a few bucks?  I may not go out of my way to get a good deal, but I rarely pay full price for anything.  I think paying full price for anything from clothes to travel is a complete waste of money.  That’s why I use discount websites such as Priceline to book my hotels and I don’t shop unless there is a sale or I have a coupon.

I never pay full price

I hate paying full price for anything, it feels like personal defeat.  I love finding the items I need on sale, it’s a natural high.  If I need something and it’s not on sale (right now I am looking for self tanning cream) I will keep checking flyers and wait to buy the item when it’s on sale.  If the item is at a common place like a pharmacy I will stop in at other pharmacies on my way to check if my item is on sale, but I won’t actively search for it.  I figure it will eventually be on sale somewhere.

If I’m in the mood to shop I will visit my favourite stores and check the sale section to see if anything catches my eye.  I usually love a lot of items in the store but I rarely buy anything in the new collection because I don’t want to pay full price.  I have been waiting two months for a blazer to go on sale and as of now I am still waiting.

Did you get it from your parents?

I get my money saving habits from my parents. My mother buys clothes in mass quantities, but she always gets them at a really great price.  She will pick up a pair of shorts or a blouse if she likes them and if they are on sale.  She rarely tries clothes on in the store and therefore usually makes a trip back to the store the next day to return her items.  This is something I never do.  I always try on clothes in the store because I don’t want to make a second trip if I don’t have to.

My dad is similar to my mother in that he always looks for deals – ALWAYS.  However my dad is what you would call a bulk shopper.  If he finds a good deal he will buy every single item they have until the shelf is empty.  My dad shops not so much for clothes as he does food.  My dad goes grocery shopping two or three times a week because he just really loves going to the grocery store.  If my dad finds a good barbeque sauce for $0.99 he will buy 15 of them and give them out to family and friends.  That’s the type of shopper he is.

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  • Before, I really had a problem when it comes to buying, I always did an impulse buy. But now, I learned from my mistakes, I have lots of clothes in my closet that I never wear. And now, I prefer to look for an item or food that are on sale or have a promo package.

  • @Marie – Oh impulse buys are killer – they literally kill your budget. I try to stop doing that too but every now and then I still pick up a gossip magazine while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store check out. It’s only $4 but it’s still a waste of money.

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