Why do we put celebrities on a pedestal?

Emma Stone

Have you watched this video yet?

I can’t get enough of this video of the lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone.  I have watched it at least a dozen times last week.  I don’t know why but I am really obsessed with this video.  Maybe it’s because you don’t expect tall, lanky Emma Stone to be obsessed with hip hop music or maybe it’s because we rarely see the Hollywood elite having fun.  Whatever the reason I am obsessed with watching celebrities.

Personal confession:  If I was in a lip sync battle I would sing and dance to The Right Stuff by New Kids On The Block.

Maybe it’s because they are glamorous

Let’s be honest.  We put celebrities on a pedestal, buy why?  I have to admit I love watching red carpet events because I love seeing what celebrities are wearing.  There is something so mesmerising about seeing Hollywood’s A-Listers get all glammed up and watching them walk down the red carpet.

It’s probably because glamour is the complete opposite of my life and I like to watch how the other half lives.  I don’t think I have ever dressed up in a ball gown, that’s just not my life.  I wake up every day, get dressed for work, do my hair and makeup but I just look nice – I don’t think it’s glamorous.  I dressed up for my high school prom and I have dressed up for weddings, but nothing as glamorous as a red carpet.

Maybe it’s because it’s a lifestyle we don’t have

Money is also a major reason why I like to watch celebrities on the red carpet and read all about them in Life & Style magazine, because I like to see the lifestyle that money can buy.  My financial situation is a lot more profitable than it was a few years, but it is by no means celebrity status.

I have enough money to travel when time permits and eat out if I don’t feel like cooking.  Thank God I have enough money to pay my bills on time each month and that’s all OK with me.  I would love to have more money, because we can always have more money, but I don’t actually need more than I have.  That’s OK with me too.

Maybe it’s because celebrities can waste money without blinking

As you know I used to be broke, like eating white rice was a luxury broke, so now I am thankful for what I have.  I like to read about celebrity lifestyles because it is so far beyond my financial capabilities.  I just couldn’t imagine staying in a hotel room that costs $5000 a night.  Who needs that kind of hotel room? They probably aren’t even in the room very often.

I can take five trips a year and spend less than $5000 – that’s just how I roll.  I like to travel cheap by using discount websites such as Priceline.  This way I can travel more often for less.  This year I have Boston, NYC, Philadelphia and New Orleans on my list.  I am spending just under $5000 total for the year including travel accommodations and spending money.  I am sure the celebrity experience is nice, it’s probably really great, but do you ever think it just seems like they are wasting money?

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