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Is your gym membership worth it?

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Good morning Loves. I used to be the first to admit that a gym membership was a waste of money. I preferred to find less expensive (dare I even say free) workout routines such as walking outside and working out in my home. I refused to pay $45 a month for a gym membership to workout with hundreds of other sweaty people who have touched the same equipment. But now my mentality has taken a 180 degree turn and I am not pro-gym membership.

Things are going south (yet) but they just aren’t the same

Since I hit 30 years old it’s safe to say my body has changed quite a bit. I was never one of those skinny girls who eats salad and drinks protein shakes all day. I have always had “curves”, which is just a skinny girl’s polite way of saying I’m not skinny. Even though I’ve never been skinny or even thin, I am noticing that my body is just not the same at 33 that it was at 23. Places of my body are touching that shouldn’t be touching and that’s not OK with me.

My new body composition could be due to changes in my lifestyle over the last ten years. At 23 I was broke and couldn’t really afford anything, let alone nice meals. Now that I have a full time job and freelance side hustle I can afford to eat out, which I do a lot because I’m so busy and a really awful cook. I’m sure my income increase over the years and my change in lifestyle habits have played a major role in how my body has evolved.

In my 30s I need a little more motivation to get going and get to the gym. Sure some may say that looking good is motivation enough and boy do I wish that was true. In my 20s I was full of energy and I could function well on five to seven hours of sleep. Now I sleep for a solid 12 hours on the weekends and I like to take a power nap during the week when I get home from work. It’s probably not as dramatic as I’m making it sound but all that to say I need a little help to stay motivated.

Money is motivation to keep going

I decided to join a gym because I need a little extra motivation to start working out on a regular basis. What better motivation is there than money? I now pay $45 per month for my gym membership and I never regret it. Although I might look into payasugym to reduce the amount I pay. I am not a fan of being locked into a contract because committing to anything really freaks me out, but overall my gym experience has been very pleasant.

I make sure I get to the gym at least three times a week because it makes the monthly cost worth it. I would hate myself if I paid $45 per month for a gym membership and never went. So other day I pack my bag and head to the gym after work. I carry my bag to work because if I come home to change my clothes I would never make it back out to the gym. I would rather change into my pyjamas than change into my workout gear. Going to the gym straight from work makes sure I get my money’s worth with my gym membership.

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  • I feel the same way! There’s no shame in a gym membership if you use it. I don’t currently have one but there’s a gym here at work that’s $15 a paycheck. It isn’t swanky, but I feel like I could see myself working out more here than at a place I had to drive/walk to (even if this gym is in the building’s basement).

    • Oh that’s a good deal. I wish that my gym membership wasn’t $45 per month but I guess being healthy comes with a price.

  • I think gym memberships are very worth it for many people. We don’t have one, but we do have a full home gym in our basement that we have spent a lot of money on – and we get great use out of it all.

  • I had a gym membership before when my daughter was born, it was worth to pay because I always went to the gym excluding Sunday. But now, I don’t have enough time to go to the gym, sometimes I do jog every morning together with my sister.

    • Time is a big factor for me too. I wish I had nothing to do after work except workout. But with life and extra work sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

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