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Good morning Loves.  Let me ask you a question, are you in the market for a new job?  I am 33 years old and I’ve been to dozens of job interviews in my life.  Some of them went really well and some of them went not so well.

My embarrassing job interview

The most embarrassing job interview  I ever had was at a golf and country club.  I was 16 years old and I went for an interview to be a server in their dining room.  I didn’t realize it until I got back into my car after the interview, but I had black grease on my face the entire time.

That’s right, I walked through a country club, sat in the dining room and answered questions during a 30 minute job interview with black grease on my face.  Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

The worst job interview ever

A year after my country club catastrophe I had an interview at a popular steak house to be a server.  The interview was the most awkward 20 minutes of my life…and I was 17, a time when everything is awkward.  I didn’t know it then, but now as I look back I think the world was telling me that I just wasn’t meant to be a server.  The interview was going so badly that the manager actually stopped asking questions about the job and then asked me “If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be?”

I was completely shocked and to this day I remember my answer.  I said “I would be a grape because I love to eat grapes.”  After that the interview was over.  The manager said he would call me within the next week because they were looking for someone to start the following weekend.  To this day I am still waiting for that call.

Prepare for your next job interview with these tips

As we get older the job interview process doesn’t get any easier.  There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling awkward and being uncomfortable in a job interview.  But if you want to advance your career we all have to do it.  The best tips I can give you for your next job interview are to be prepared, research the company to tailor your answers and know how your strengths apply to the job.

In today’s ever competitive job market employers want to know why should they hire you and only you?  It’s important to showcase the strengths that make you stand out from the other candidates.  You don’t want to be cocky but you should be confident.  Let employers know you’re the best person for the job.

Employers also want to know that you are enthusiastic about the job and excited to work for the company.  Employers want to know how long you plan to stay in the position and how long you plan to stay with the company.  That’s why employers always ask about your career goals, even though you are interviewing for a new job.  It takes thousands of dollars to search for, find and train a new employee; so employers  want a long term commitment.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long term commitment to job, but definitely to the company.

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