Do your good looks help or hurt you?

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Good morning Loves.  Not so long ago I said pretty people have easier lives than others.  They may receive perks that others do not such as getting the job, getting a promotion and having people be generally nicer to them just because they are pretty.  I am not sure what it is about good looks but people just seem to be drawn to them.

I come from a family with a handful or two of pretty people.  To say our lives have been very different would be an understatement.  I have a pretty sister and for our entire lives I thought she had it easier than I did.  She could do no wrong even when she was at fault, she always landed fabulous jobs and people were always drawn to her just because she was pretty.  Upon further investigation I am not sure if all my previous statements are true.  Are your good looks helping or hurting your life?

Find a balance between love and success

It is said that we can’t have it all.  If you are good looking you may have an easier time with your career but you may be unlucky in love.  I  have a male cousin who all my friends think is really good looking.  He works out daily, he eats healthy and he has a great job in sports sales.  But he hasn’t been so lucky in the love department.

That’s the thing about pretty people, sometimes good looks can be both a gift and a curse.  My cousin has had a stream of pretty women coming in and out of his life that include NBA cheerleaders and Hawaiian tropic models.  That may have been OK in his 20s but now that he’s in his mid 30s he really wants to settle down.

A killer smile can get you the raise, but it won’t get you the girl

On paper my cousin is a really great catch.  He owns his home,  he makes a good salary and he drives a nice car.  So why don’t women like him?  Because he’s too good looking? Yes maybe that’s it.  My cousin is so good looking that he’s unapproachable.

I would personally never approach a man in a suit with perfect hair because I would automatically think he’s a douche bag.  Maybe that stereotype comes from my days working in finance, but guys with the perfect clothes and killer smiles are usually not my type.  My boyfriend is good looking, but at 33 years old he still wears jeans and converse sneakers on the weekend.  That’s what I want – a man who is real, a man who doesn’t think he’s above anyone else but who knows he self worth.  That’s sexy to me.

Being good looking is the perfect quality for people in sales because clients trust people who are good looking.  I am not sure why but good looks are an asset when dealing with the public.  As a woman a pair of high heels and a pencil skirt can go a long way.  Think about the last time you bought something, was the sales person really good looking?  Pretty people may seem like they have the perfect lives, but are they truly happy?

If you had to choose would you rather be average looking and in love or successful and alone?

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