Blondes have more fun, do they also have more money?

Good morning Loves.  You see them all over Hollywood, you saw them all on the Oscar red carpet last night and you read all about them in People Magazine.  Some of them are talented, some of them are smart, some of them are hot and all of them are blonde.

Do you ever wonder how much money the lovely blondes in Hollywood earn?  It’s probably more money than any of us could ever dream of.  More importantly do you ever wonder if a smart business woman makes more than a leading lady?  I do.

If you could go back to your teenage years and decide whether to be an award winning journalist, a technology guru, an Oscar winning actress or a famous pop star which would you choose?  Maybe money would be a factor in your decision or maybe not, but just for fun let’s run the numbers.

Famous blondes and their money:

Cameron Diaz.  This Charlie Angel has a funny sense of humor, a killer smile and a body that every girl dreams of.  She has a whole slew of blockbuster movies on her resume including There’s Something About Mary and my favorite, The Holiday.  According to Forbes Diaz earned $34 million for her role in the 2011 hit film Bad Teacher.

Jennifer Lawrence.  This Hollywood blonde burst on the scene and has landed leading roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies including Silver Linings Playbook, The Hunger Games and most recently American Hustle.  She reportedly earned less than $1 million for the first Hunger Games movie and her salary skyrocketed to almost ten times that amount for the sequel.

Britney Spears.  America’s sweetheart makes another comeback and lands a two year deal at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  According to E!Online Spears will receive $310,000 per show over the next two years.  In 2012 Spears was at the top of Forbes’ list earning $58 million from her gig on X Factor as well as her Femme Fatale tour.

Kate Hudson.  This actress, model, Almay spokesperson and business woman is reportedly worth $38 million according to Born Rich.  Her leading role in the hit movie Bride Wars earned her a quick $7,000,000.  She recently launched a fitness apparel company called Fabletics which is a part of the Just Fab fashion line.

Katie Couric.  In 2006 when Couric left the Today Show on NBC to join the CBS Evening News team she reportedly welcomed a $15 million per year pay check.  In 2012 Couric left CBS to star in her own talk show on ABC, which is owned by Yahoo! Yep that’s right Marissa Mayer is a big fan of Couric and persuaded her to come over to their major network.

Marissa Mayer.  This smart blonde made headlines in 2012 when she jumped ship from Google to become the CEO of Yahoo! a move that made her number 32 on Forbes’ most powerful women list.  She reportedly signed a $71 million dollar deal over five years with stock options on top of that.

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