Give your career a makeover and get your dream job

Good morning Loves.  We are well into the New Year so let me ask you, how are your 2014 resolutions coming along?  I have to tell you that after a month and a half I am absolutely in love with 2014.

Find what makes you happy in 2014

I haven’t had a really good year in a really long time.  You know those years with days that make you want to get out of bed.  Those years when you smile for absolutely no reason other than you have nothing to frown about.  This is one of those years for me.

It’s been a long time since I felt good about my life because over the last few years I experienced some true tragedies with the loss of my best friend, being physically attacked by my step mother and of course not finding my comfy place in the world.  I have just been feeling lost as I float through my days, but that’s all in the past.

Your job is what you do all day, so make sure you love it

This year I am loving my life and it’s all thanks to a few small changes I made in my daily routine. I started working out regularly, not just when I have the time or when I’m in the mood.  Surprisingly I really like working out, it makes me happy and it gives me something to look forward to.  I am taking weekend road trips to nearby cities such as Boston and Saratoga Springs.  This helps make the long winter more bearable and of course most importantly I got a new dream job as a Community Manager.

For the first time in a really long time I actually want to wake up and get out of bed when my alarm clock goes off.  That’s something I haven’t experienced in a really long time.

Get your dream job in 2014

GoGirl Finance gives us three tips to help boost our career in 2014:

1. Update your online profile.  Before a potential employer calls you for an interview they will most likely Google your name.  This means you make your first impression before employers even meet you in person.  Employers will search for and find all of your social media accounts including Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.  Keep your information up to date and avoid any embarrassing photos (at least while you are looking for a job) to ensure you make a good first impression.

2. Go back to school.  There is nothing sexier to an employer than a person who keeps up to date on industry trends.  Trust me I know!  My employer has a tuition refund program that gives employees up to $2000 per year to enhance their skills, take courses and go back to school.  I try to take at least two courses per year. So keep learning because it makes you more attractive to potential employers. Don’t worry about struggling to balance work with school when you can easily take online classes and make your own schedule. Online schools allow you to take classes on your own time while maintaining your current career. Best of all, they offer graduate certificates in exciting fields such as homeland security, criminal justice, and even education. It only takes a few moments to go online and request some more free information about the school, and it could very well be the first step toward that dream job.

3. Expand your circle of friends.  You just never know who is hiring.  I have made job connections in the most unusual places.  I once got a job from a guy I met in an airport while waiting for our luggage.  Just as you update your online profile you should also update your network.  Make new connections by joining a new organization, finding a new hobby or volunteering for charity.

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  • Congratulations on the new job and the fantastic year! I was a Community Manager for a few years before chasing money and going to work for the government for affordable housing oversight. My favorite job was one when I managed a conventional development. My dream job is to own a property, say 120-200 units and pretend like I’m not the owner (just manager). 🙂

  • That’s great Meghan – Congrats on getting your dream job. It’s my second week and I love the creativity that comes with being a Community Manager. WOW a building with 200 apartments is a lot of work. I think it’s really cool you want to be really hands on, that’s awesome.

    • OH yes being a good person – or at least trying to be as often as possible is very important. Especially at work. It’s also true that you just never know where you’ll end up. I recently changed jobs and I am glad to not be working with my old team members, but we may have to work together again in the future. Who knows.

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