The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Good morning Loves.  Well this is it, Valentine’s week is among us and over the next five days people all over the world will be buying gifts for their loved ones.  If you are a lovely lady and you want to drop some hints to your man about your gift or if you are a man searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart then look no further.

This is a list of my favorite products that I discovered this year.  You will quickly notice that none of these gift ideas include going out for dinner, buying roses or eating a box of chocolate.  The reason is because all of these things cost significantly more on February 14 than they do on any other day of the year include February 13 and February 15.  I personally love getting flowers as a gift but I would never forgive my boyfriend if he bought me $25 worth of flowers and paid $60 just because they are a Valentine’s Day gift.

This post is in no way sponsored or promoted by any of the companies mentioned below.  These are just some great gift ideas.  I would love to receive any one of these as a Valentine’s Day gift, if I didn’t already have them of course.

For the girl who loves shiny things:

Michael Kors Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Skylar Two-Hand Glitz WatchGet her a new watch.  Buying a new watch is a personal gift because you have to know your girlfriend’s taste and that is a Valentine’s Day gift that comes from the heart.  I am absolutely loving the rose gold color that it hitting stores, it’s just as neutral as gold or silver but it gives your girl a little extra shine. The watch featured is by Michael Kors.




For the down to earth girl in your life:

Prepare a home cooked meal.  If you are like me you live in the cold weather and the thought of getting dressed up and going outside is chilling then skip it and stay in.  Stop at the grocery store and cook your sweetheart’s favorite meal.  Set the table, light some candles and enjoy dinner for two.  Don’t forget the whipped cream for dessert.



For a total glamour girl:

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Color Wand Lip Gloss Trio

I admittedly don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do love a good lip gloss.  I found this lip kit at Sephora and it’s absolutely amazing.  Where else can you get 12 lip glosses for only $19?  Make your lips kissable this Valentine’s Day.




For the girl who lives on a budget:

If your girl is like me she doesn’t want you to spend an enormous amount of money on Valentine’s Day gifts.  So go old school.  Pick up some construction paper and make your sweetheart a gift to remember. Cut out hearts and scatter them all around your house, it’s just as romantic as rose petals and it’s a lot cheaper.  It’s cute, it’s cheap and it will make a night to remember.


For the girl who just needs to relax:


Wrap up an Indian acupuncture mat.  I discovered Bed of Nails in SHAPE magazine and I have to tell you that I am in love with this relaxation mat.  I’m not going to lie, it hurts like hell the first few times you use it, but trust me once you get through the pain your body will thank you – and your sweetheart.




Photos by marinakvillatoro, hinnosaar  and ebygomm  

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