How to end your day on the right note

Time ChangeIn follow up to Monday’s post on how to start the day off right, it only seemed natural to give you the book end: how to end your days right!

Regardless of how your day actually went (hopefully better, if you started it off right!), you can at least end on a good note (and set yourself up for a better day tomorrow). Here are my go-to tips:

Do a quick pick up. Take 15 minutes or so before you start your bed time ritual, and go through the house picking up quick things like stray shoes, dishes that belong in the kitchen, etc. Just taking this little bit of time each night has helped me keep clutter from building and keeps me from having to do big, massive whole house cleanups because things basically stay in order.

Get things ready for the morning. Instead of standing in front of your closet trying to puzzle out what you’ll wear that day, why not have everything all laid out for you the night before? You know, like your mom used to do when you were in elementary school…she was onto something! 🙂

The same goes for making your lunch the night before, putting aside anything you’ll need to bring in to work (boards for the big presentation, cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday, etc.), and any other little preparations you can do to make your mornings less hectic.

No tech before bed! I am such a huge fan of this policy. Half an hour before bed time, I turn off my phone, shut down my laptop, and tuck myself into bed with a nice, relaxing book. It helps me unwind and get my mind in the right place for sleep. It’s also a great last way to detach from any daytime stress and end the day with some “me” time.

Think of the good things. Yep, I covered this one in the last post, and I’m covering it again, because I think a simple gratitude exercise is the best way to begin and to end your day. No matter how the day’s gone, you don’t feel like it’s been a total disaster if you stop and list out just a few things you’re thankful for…anything from big things (like your s.o.) to little things (like finding a fantastic parking space at work).

Cuddle! I know, I’m a softie. But if you have an s.o., make sure to wish them a good night and give them a hug/kiss before nodding off. Even if you’re upset over something, it’s another way to remind yourself of the good things and end on a positive note.

Don’t have an s.o.? Pet a puppy or other furry animal. Don’t have one of those? Get one! No, I’m just kidding…In that case, take a moment to recognize the fact that you deserve a lovely send off as well for being a gorgeous human being, and tell yourself that if you need to! We’re always telling people not to go to bed angry with others, but what about with ourselves? Give yourself some kindness, too! Let go of any frustrations of the day and remind yourself of the great things you’ve accomplished (even if they’re as little as finding that great parking space).

How do you end your days on the right note? Share your tips in the comments!





photo credit: Bill & Vicki T


  • These are great tips and most of them I follow! Woo!

    The one that’s hard for me is no tech before bed. I admit to playing Words With Friends right before bed! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!


    • Yeah, that policy wasn’t the easiest for me to get used to either, but it’s been SO relaxing and peaceful. Give it a try…I think you’d really enjoy it. 🙂

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