How To Get The Most Out Of Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards
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Travel credit cardsMany people consider travel credit cards to be some of the best credit cards to get because of the numerous benefits associated with them. These types of credit cards typically offer considerable discounts and cash back on travel related purchases and smaller benefits for other types of purchases. While planning a family trip the other day, I became interested in what benefits my recently obtained travel credit card offered. I was pleasantly surprised at the numerous ways to save money or earn cash back rewards by using the card.

Saving Money On Travel

One of the biggest benefits of travel reward credit cards is the amount of money you can save on travel when using them. The credit card companies that issue travel credit cards offer discounted airfare, hotels, and car rentals if you book your reservation through their website and use your credit card to hold your reservation and pay at the end of your trip. Many travel credit card users can save hundreds of dollars on the cost of their trip by using this method.

Earning Cash Back On Travel

For travel booked through methods other than the credit card company’s website, many travel credit cards offer cash back on purchases made in the travel category. The cash back amount will depend on the percentage offered by the credit card company for specific types of purchases. For example, if you decided to book a hotel through Expedia, you could earn 6.25% cash back for using your travel credit card for the booking.

Saving Money On Attractions

A number of travel credit cards also offer discounts on attractions in major cities across the nation. In many cases, the credit card company reaches agreements with the companies that operate these attractions for a lower rate for their card holders. These offers can vary greatly between credit card companies, so be sure to explore the options available to you before deciding what attractions to visit during your trip.

Earning Cash Back On Restaurants

Earning cash back from visiting restaurants is another great benefit of using travel reward credit cards. Nobody really wants the responsibility of cooking and cleaning up after cooking during a vacation, so getting a bit of money back for eating out is an attractive prospect. Some travel credit cards offer specific cash back percentages for dining at specific restaurants, while others offer a flat percentage for all restaurant purchases.

Rewards For Other Purchases

Travel reward cards also offer rewards for other types of purchases. Depending on the credit card you are using, you may be able to earn rewards for gas station purchases, grocery store purchases, or shopping online. These rewards are generally used to reduce the cost of your trip or to help pay off your trip after you return home. Like the categories above, there can be considerable differences in the rewards offered by different credit cards, so check to see what purchasing categories are included in the rewards for your specific credit card.

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