How to Give to Charity Without Money


If you’re looking for ways to do good and it’s just not in your budget to write a big fat check then you need to get creative.  You need to find ways to give to charity without spending any money.  The good news is there are lots of ways to give back without giving a dime.

If it’s in your heart to support a local charity consider one of these four ways to give to charity without any money:

Volunteer your time

Charities like Habitat for Humanity  and We Charity value volunteered time. This charitable organization builds houses for families in need and they need volunteers to help assemble the homes.  Volunteers assist throughout the entire process from the first stud being nailed to the last carpet being laid.

People of all ages from teenagers to seniors are welcome to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  There are local chapters across the country so check their website for a project starting near you.

Do onto others as you want done to you

In other words, just be nice to people.  I know we’re all busy and we all have our own list of things to do, people to see and places to go.  However sometimes taking an extra ten seconds out of your day can really make an entire day better for someone else.

Simple gestures like holding the door open for someone behind you, smiling when you cross paths with a stranger or politely apologizing when you bump into someone are all ways you can make someone’s day even better.

Lending a helping hand to someone in need is also a small gesture that can make a big difference in their day – and even their life.  This is what paying it forward is all about.

Donate your unwanted items

The next time you clean out your closet don’t throw all your unwanted stuff in the garbage, donate it to a local charity.  This is a great way to give to charity without money.  You many not think your unwanted items aren’t worth anything, but trust me they will be treasures to someone who has nothing.

Charities like battered women’s shelters, youth organizations and centers for the homeless all accept donations of clothes, toys and personal accessories.  So don’t throw out that old sweater and soccer ball, give it to someone in need.

Give as a gift to a friend

This is one of my favorite ways to give to charity without spending any extra money.  If you have an animal lover in your family why not adopt a pet for them for their next birthday.  I have a six year old niece who asked for donations to the local SPCA for her birthday.  Yes, she’s awesome!

I knew everyone would be doing that upon her request, but I still wanted her to have something to open at her birthday party.  So I adopted an endangered species for her from the World Wildlife Foundation.  She’s gets a birthday gift and an animal gets saved.  It’s a win-win.

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