How to live the gamer lifestyle

As the summer approaches, we’re all thinking about our dream summer vacations, be they a cultural trek across the Great Wall of China or a decadent spree in Las Vegas. If you’re more accustomed to the latter than the former, why not try out some of these essential accessories for boys and girls to help you get into the gambling mood.


For the fashion forward gambling lady: There’s nothing more glamorous than entering a high end casino in Las Vegas like The Bellagio, so you’ll want to look the part to fit into the decadent lifestyle. For a beautiful yet practical solution, try a purse that’s big enough to carry your belongings and poker chips but small enough not to disturb you on those blackjack tables. A beautiful tote from Nasty Gal is both easy to carry and will fit all your essentials.


For the gadget whizz: These hilarious toilet seat covers are great for those who like to play “game of thrones.” There’s no better way of practicing for Vegas than by gaming whenever you can, so turn your bathroom into an all out gaming zone and practice a little at www.gamingclub.co.uk to really get you in that gaming mood.


For the long haul roadie: Get you and your friends into the Vegas mood while you’re traveling with this pocket poker set. Perfect for those who are travelling by car, truck or even plane, this handy set contains everything you need to play a pocket sized version of poker, including 108 magnetic chips, 52 playing cards and an easy to carry tin.


For the accessories aficionado: Using cell phones is forbidden in most Las Vegas casinos, but there’s no rule against accessorizing your phone with a wallet that was made for the strip. This faux leather phone case, designed for the iPhone 5 or 5S, has a stylish hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades design, which can be doubled up as a purse if you need it in those casinos.

gambling wallet

For the liquor-happy gambler: So you may not quite be James Bond ordering a vodka martini in Casino Royale, but you can certainly enjoy the same effects of a little liquor with a spin n shot roulette drinking game. Combining the thrill of traditional roulette with a cheeky side dish of alcohol, players have to drink the shot that their ball lands on – whichever drink you may have put in the glass.



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