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How to Make a Budget Conscious 101 in 1001 List

Making a 101 in 1001 list is a great way to set goals and budget towards those goals. When you know what you want to do, you can better budget and spend according to your goals. Instead of budgeting for “entertainment” then making a last minute decision about where to go and what to do, only to have it be an experience you don’t really enjoy, you can budget for an entertainment goal.

But creating 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days can get expensive and could be a little rough on your budget. There are ways though to keep your goals in line with your budget so you don’t break the bank doing those things you love. Here are a few ideas for a 101 list along with some ways to make your list budget friendly.

Things to buy

You can keep your costs down by shopping for gently used instead of brand new. For instance, if you have a new digital camera on your “buy” list, a brand new one can cost thousands while a gently used one can cost hundreds.

Cultural Events

Tickets to shows and sporting events can be pricey. Check Living Social and Groupon for event tickets at a discount.

Fitness Goals

Buying the latest and greatest fitness equipment is going to put a big dent in your budget. Look for fitness activities that you can enjoy without expensive equipment. Find videos on YouTube, join a low-cost gym that has the equipment you want to use, or sign up for a class with a Living Social deal.

Things to Learn

Taking classes can be costly. Look for free online courses instead. You can find several through Udemy and FutureLearn. You can even find some great, inexpensive, courses through Pinterest. It may involve doing a little homework to find them, but you can.

Places to Go

Travel is definitely one of the most costly categories of your 101 list. Keep this part of your list within reason. Remember that it only covers the next 2.75 years and you can always make another list when you’ve completed this one. Keep your expensive travel goals to a minimum, budget for them months (and years) in advance, and look for any possible discounts to help with expenses.

Books to Read

Buying a bunch of books that you only plan to read once is something you just don’t need to spend a lot of money on. Look for good used copies, see if a less expensive digital version is available, and ask friends if anyone has a copy you can borrow. And of course, don’t forget about your local library.

You can make a budget friendly 101 list by selecting goals that are things to do instead of things to spend money on. You can include organizing your digital files, keeping in touch with an old friend, starting a blog or part-time business to increase your income, learning how to fix a leaky faucet, and visiting free museums.

You can also add items to eliminate like canceling cable for a streaming service, not eating out for a month, and reducing your credit card interest by shopping for a new card.

The two most important things about creating a budget conscious 101 in 1001 list are – they should be things you really want to do and have a reason to do AND things you know you can afford at this time. More expensive list items can be added to the next 101 list.

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