How to make money while you sleep!


Work takes up the majority of our days, but what if we could earn money while asleep? We could wake up in the morning and have the whole day to spend as we wish. No work, meetings, or mindless activities, but rather spending it with things we enjoy doing. That’s the dream, right? But the truth is, this dream can become a reality with passive income! Learn how to generate passive income and make money while you are asleep.

Passive income: Make money while you sleep!

To earn passive income, you have multiple options that are worth pursuing. Unfortunately, most people don’t even consider passive income because it seems unrealistic to them. “What? Waking up and doing whatever I want to do? Not working 8 hours a day for someone else’s dream? Enjoying my life every day? Nah, this sounds like a scam.” But it’s not! The difference is that people don’t understand that passive income is possible and even relatively easy to achieve. Yes, in the beginning, you still need to put the work in, but let’s face it, you would work anyway, so why not on something that will pay off long-term? But how can you earn passive income? There are multiple options that might work for you. It always depends on your situation, your financial status, and your talents. We will cover different possibilities in this article!

This is how you can generate passive income:

Do you want to earn passive income to make some extra money each month or even retire early? That’s undoubtedly possible! We will introduce you to four possible solutions on how to start earning passive income!

Get into trading

Trading is an excellent option for passive but also active income! The best thing is, you don’t even need much to make it happen. Get a broker, have a laptop or smartphone, and some money to start. That’s it! There are so many possibilities on how to invest, but also in which assets you can invest. Whatever you decide on, the first step is always finding the right brokerage for you. We recommend you check out the reviews for whatever brokerage you are interested in, like an ETF Broker or a CFD broker on

Write a book

There is a specific topic you are interested in and you have excellent knowledge about? Or do you have an exciting life story and would love to tell it to an audience through a book? Whatever it is; Writing a book can be difficult and time-consuming, but you can earn passive income for years to come as soon as you are done with it. Once the work is done, you are free to pursue other interests, but you will still make money with your book. You don’t even need a publisher these days since you can publish the book yourself, for example, on Amazon.

Start a blog and use Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? No? The idea is to recommend specific products, and as soon as a reader or a follower buys this product through your web link, you’ll earn a particular percentage. You can do this by creating a blog, YouTube account, or even an Instagram account. Once the content is completed, your work is done, and you can start making money!

Rent out real estate

Do you own real estate or have enough savings to buy a house or an apartment? Rent out your property either on Airbnb for tourists or long-term stays. This is a great way to earn passive income since you can always count on the monthly rent. If you bought your house or apartment in a popular area, you can be sure that it will gain value over time. Win-win!

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