How Women Make Money Online: Find a Niche

7 amazing entrepreneurs who all make money online in very different ways through a niche market. In this day and age of the internet I think that there is a big misconception between a stay at home mom and a mom who works from home.  So often I see women who say they are a stay at home mom and earn more money than their husbands, how is that possible?

Well the truth is they aren’t actually stay at home moms who spend their days cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids or having lunch with friends – whatever it is that stay at home moms do.  They are actually female entrepreneurs who work from home and make money online.  There’s a big difference.

The internet is full of great online companies and blogs that were started by women in their homes.  Some of them are young and single, some of them are young and married, some of them are older and single and others are older, married and have kids.

Regardless of their relationship or lifestyle status I think it’s safe to say that females are taking over the internet and finding creative ways to make money online.  One of those ways is to find a niche and become a helpful resource.  A niche is a very specific corner of the internet i.e. single moms, millennials or travel lovers etc.  When people go online they are usually searching for something very specific so the more defined you are online the better the chances are of you being found.

On a little side note, I’ve met most of these women online and let me tell you not only are they some of the hardest working women I’ve ever met, even more so than my colleagues in the world of corporate finance; but they are also just all around really coo l chicks.

Here are some of my favorite female online entrepreneurs who have found success in their niche:

Make Money OnlineLinsey Knerl @ Knerl Family Media

Took the credibility she earned by writing on her blog – – and turned it into a new online business.  She makes money online with Knerl Family Media by training small businesses and start-ups to use social media with virtual one-on-one training sessions and workshops!


The Debt MythJackie Beck @ The Debt Myth

Jackie is the owner of The Debt Myth and makes money selling my Pay Off Debt app. It’s a great way to stay focused on your debt reduction efforts while being able to see at a glance how quickly you’ll be out of debt. Someone who uses the app even said, “Now paying off my debt feels better than shopping!”


Broke and Beautiful LifeStefanie O’Connell @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

Stefanie is a millennial money expert and the creator of The Broke and Beautiful Life blog, which she transformed into a real life book.  She’s not shy about sharing her online hustle in an effort to help other young entrepreneurs do the same.

Stefanie attributes her online success to goal setting and created a goal setting workbook to help others work towards and achieve their goals.  Oh and it’s completely FREE which just proves how passionate Stefanie is about helping anyone be successful.

Make Money Your WayPauline Paquin @ Make Money Your Way

Pauline is a blog-preneur, she’s an online entrepreneur who makes over $8,000 a month from her blogs.  Pauline attributes her success to affiliate marketing with products and services she loves, Google Adsense, sponsorships and freelance writing for other clients.

She owns several different personal finance blogs and talks about what it takes to keep an online media business going by sharing her monthly income and expenses.


Make Money Your HoneyAmanda Abella @ Make Money Your Honey

Would you like to make $16k in just three months?  Amanda did.  Amanda’s online business includes her website and constant activity on various social media channels such as Twitter and Periscope.  She makes money online with the flexibility to work from anywhere by freelance writing, consulting and working with brands via sponsorships.

Through her consulting service she helps other women (and men) quit their day job and make more income – from anywhere with the Make Money Your Honey academy.


Making Sense of CentsMichelle Schroder @ Making Sense of Cents

Michelle is one of those people who could teach a course on how women make money online.  Her blog has over 300,000 monthly readers and she has the revenue to prove it.

Running her blog is a full time job that Michelle does from anywhere inside her RV. She reports her online income monthly and in February made over $49k from her blog thanks to staff writing and affiliate income.  In her stories about making more money she recommends products and services that have helped her both professionally and personally and she gets paid for it.


Elizabeth ColegroveElizabeth Colegrove @ The Reluctant Landlord

Elizabeth makes money online by selling her book on her website, which is focused on investing in real estate and what it really takes to be a landlord.

In addition to selling her book, The Everything Lease Addendum: How-to For Landlords, she also created an online community where she gives current as well as potential landlords all the checklists, tools and advice they need to be successful in the real estate game.




    • Thanks for wanting to be a part of it Jackie. Being debt free is so important. I don’t think people actually realize how much it changes their lives until they actually get there.

  • I even envy such women!:) You should be tough and smart to make it possible. My hubby says I’m not the one who can earn money, especially online… That’s humiliating… I’d love to find at least something that will help me become more confident and happy in this life..

    • You can do it books. We all started with nothing and no experience, just a passion. Getting started is the hardest part so just take the first step and you’ll learn your way from there. Good luck!

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